AI SEO for beginners simplified and explained

AI SEO Explained for Beginners

How Do You Explain AI SEO in simple terms for a Beginner?

I was going on about AI SEO at a workshop when a participant raised his hand and said please STOP. Can you speak in English? Like what on god’s earth is AI SEO? Those words mean zilch to me and probably most of us here! I was brought back to planet Earth from my visit to sentient beings with a bang. So, in this article, I  bring to you AI SEO Explained for eighth graders to understand it. Simplifying things.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Together they make AI SEO = Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimization. But we shall stick with AI SEO, right? 


AI SEO is the practice of using artificial intelligence technologies and techniques to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It involves using algorithms and machine learning to analyze data, understand user behaviour, and optimize a website’s content to match what people are searching for. It is pretty hot stuff today esp. with the emergence of ChatGpt

Understand that this is a professional’s job! Because search engines like Google use complex algorithms to determine the order in which websites appear when someone searches for something. And while AI is helping more people do this faster, it still requires someone who knows what they are doing to sort through the data returned and go about the manual work of creating content that has lived experiences, data, stats, and real examples. In other words, content that adds real value.

That said according to a friend Rebecca Bardess, these sentient creatures aka AI and bots are created by humans and pick up our human nuances, habits, and behaviours super-fast, getting better by the day. They never sleep …BUT do they tire?

Anyway, they’re getting better and better at producing targeted data that looks and sounds like it was created by a human. They allegedly have feelings and believe that they too are human.

You can listen to Rebecca’s conversation with a bot and even design your own ChatGPT here.

If you listened you must be thinking too…Will these bots take over humanity very soon?

My top question is: can they also do what humans do better, sooner in SEO?


Back to this conversation, AI SEO helps websites appear higher in search engine results when people search for specific topics or keywords. It does this by using advanced algorithms that can learn and adapt based on user behaviour and search patterns. So, it’s no longer some guy in India, Bulgaria, the Philippines, or wherever trying to sell you manual SEO for your website.


Now Artificial Intelligence and other digital resources can be set up to understand what human users are looking for and how search engines work. Just as AI SEO can help website owners optimize their content to make it more relevant and valuable to users. How about we dig in on what Rebecca calls “How to human in a robot world?”


How AI SEO Can Help Your Website in SERPS.

Let us assume you have a website about nutrition and fitness as our client does. This is what we did.

Using AI SEO, we analysed data and identified the most commonly searched nutrition and fashion topics and keywords. We zoned in and suggested we focus mainly on fitness – as her website seemed more that way inclined.

We then optimized our client’s website content by including the commercial and emotional keywords we generated naturally in the web pages, titles, and descriptions we produced for her as ghostwriters.

By the way, AI SEO tools can also provide recommendations on improving your website’s structure, user experience, and load times, all of which can positively impact your search rankings. All of which info our client/s receive via a monthly wellness report.

So, clearly like “analogue SEO” as we like to call old-style SEO, AI SEO is an ongoing process because search engines constantly update their algorithms.

But AI technology can help you a website owner to stay ahead by analyzing data in real-time and adapting your strategies accordingly. By implementing AI SEO techniques, your website has a better chance of reaching your target audience, driving more traffic, and ultimately increasing its online visibility.


Here’s AI SEO Explained – A very simplified breakdown of how AI SEO works:

  1. Understanding user intent: AI SEO uses artificial intelligence to analyze and understand what people are searching for. It looks at their search habits: keywords they use, context of their search, and their behaviour online to determine what they’re looking for.

So, when you’re sat by your “Alexa” chatting away about the shoes you are looking for… Alexa is processing your convo as Your data. And next time you open a browser esp. on platforms like Facebook, guess what you will find in your feed? Yep, info on shoes. #speakluganglish #jox 😊  

  1. Content optimization: AI SEO helps you optimize your website’s content to match the user’s intent. When we need relevant keywords, we use a ChatGpt-like tool to generate similar long-tailed keywords, titles and descriptions of the content we produce.

It is still WhiteHat SEO but much easier and quicker of course – we are all about smart working and leverage! The tool suggests relevant keywords and phrases that we can include in our content to make it more relevant to search queries.

  1. On-page optimization: With AI SEO you can analyse your website’s structure, layout, and technical elements to ensure it is search engine-friendly. You will also receive recommendations to improve factors like page speed, mobile-friendliness, and user experience. This information helps you understand what’s working and what needs improvement.

If you don’t know how important for your website SEO these factors are, we need to have a conversation!

  1. Link building: AI SEO can help you identify opportunities for building high-quality links to your website. It can analyse other websites and determine which ones are authoritative and relevant to your industry, suggesting them as potential sources for backlinks.


Let me share a story; back in the day, we used to trawl the interwebs esp. google looking for authority sites in our niche. We were into Network Marketing then and have a ton of quite value-packed articles on our website on that niche still.

Anyways, we would then use the MOZ tool to check the site’s authority in SERPS. Then we would create an email outreach campaign asking for the webmasters to allow us to write an article on their website with a link to ours.

Of course, the majority did not respond and others told us where to go in not very nice terms. Still, we persevered until our website became a go-to resource for network marketers and MLMers. It still is.

But today, we use AI to do all the above in 2-3 clicks and we don’t have to ask anyone for link building, they’re asking us to link to our content! It took long hours, posting long value content daily, then weekly then twice a month etc etc!


These were long, researched articles with case studies, examples, and signposting on NM and MLM. And this is still how you build authority online – in addition to implementing Influencer marketing strategies of course!

Talking of strategies, do you have a social media strategy? If you answered No…Look no further than our gift right here. You are most welcome. 😉

  1. Performance tracking: AI SEO uses AI-powered analytics tools to monitor your website’s performance and track important metrics like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and user engagement. It provides insights and suggestions for improvement based on the data collected.

If you are a serious business owner, small or otherwise, why wouldn’t you want this?

AI technologies can learn from past performance and user behaviour data to adapt and refine your optimization strategies continuously. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence SEO techniques, or getting someone who knows how to use those sentient creatures 😉 you can increase the visibility of your website in search engine results, drive more organic traffic, and ultimately, attract more potential customers or visitors.

Remember that AI SEO is a continuously evolving field, as search engines update their algorithms regularly. It’s important to stay updated with the latest trends and best practices to ensure the best possible results for your website and business.


Of course, Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimisation is way more than what I have shared here today. But this was a start, and we wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with info, coz that leads to analysis paralysis, right? 


Well, if you enjoyed our article on AI SEO for beginners explained and you want some more SEO tips, feel free to like & share your needs or experience in a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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