Should a Charity Use Pinterest to attract stakeholders?

How to Use Pinterest SEO For New Charities 

Imagine having a badass car and no access to any fuel to get it going. You bought that car for driving, but now it’s sat in your garage with nowhere to go. It is the same thing with a beautifully designed website and no traffic strategy or any consistent traffic to keep it attracting desired results.  This is the dilemma our client had when she approached us. She runs a charity and had a gorgeous website designed for 4 figures, but not a single opt-in or donation ever came through. She also recently published a book and is so upset that outside of her family, the books are sitting on a back shelf!


We asked what her biggest focus was and she categorically stated her charity. We are big believers in not wasting time, we informed her that for generic traffic, Pinterest was her best bet. We have several articles on the best Traffic Sources so we sent her that way.

Plus we did publish an article on how to use Pinterest for Authors, which you can read straight away and implement. 

So in today’s episode, we are going to focus on how to use Pinterest SEO for charities. To attract traffic to your charitable causes and website.  But first, a heads-up, The Art of Pinterest Profits book has had a massive Revamp. The 2nd Editon is now available at a steal… 

The Art of Pinterest Profits 2nd Edition



Why Should a Charity Use Pinterest Today to Generate Funding?

First, let’s dive right into the still best-kept secret in charity circles. Pinterest is a Search engine and thus following a Good SEO strategy and implementation will get your charitable brand in good stead. Miles ahead of even those who started before you.

To them, Pinterest seems to be a far-fetched platform for charity donors…because they look at it in layman’s terms. But, you are a savvy business owner and wish to run your charity digital assets that way, so Pinterest becomes an SEO tool.

Allow me to elaborate. When you set up your charity under Pinterest for Business, and optimize it for search, as laid out inside our Pinterest Growth Academy, you will start to attract not only more website viewers but also donors and stakeholders.


Right, so now, let us talk about the advantages you will start to see when using Pinterest for SEO for your Charity.  By the way, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a great way to attract more traffic to your baby charity/voluntary brand. Here are our 3 Top reasons to get you started:

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1# Increased visibility and reach

You see, Pinterest has over 400 million active users globally. With a majority being women who are known to be more likely to donate to charity.

Plus, Pinterest’s visual nature allows charities to showcase their causes and impact through images and videos, making it easier to create emotional connections with potential donors. My coach always said;

“people will not care Until they believe that you care”

The thing is, you do care a lot. Your work speaks for itself…is hiding in your phone or camera. So, what better way to show that you care, than by sharing testimonials of your beneficiaries on Pinterest and social media?

Through the creation of captivating and easy-to-share visuals, charities can effectively showcase your good works, and the impact on your local and global communities. In turn, this helps you to broaden your reach and engage with a wider audience of potential donors. Thereby increasing your visibility and ultimately, boosting your chances of receiving more funding.


The use of visually attractive and shareable content on Pinterest can greatly enhance a charity’s ability to reach out and connect with potential donors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.  This strategy can help promote the cause and garner more support for the charity’s mission.


2# Connection with Influencers

Pinterest is also a social platform that provides opportunities for charities to partner with influencers. And collaborate with other brands to create more awareness to raise more funds for their causes. How? 

By following Influencers in your brand niche, and sharing their pin images that link to their events/content. You will attract their attention. Influencers like to be seen as “giving back” or paying it forward. They believe that being linked to a good cause makes their social capital skyrocket. Why not make that good cause your charity? But first…

Do your research: Research your influencers. Find out what causes are close to their hearts. What they have shared or promoted before. What makes them connected emotionally, or even makes them cry? If your charity works in that space, you could be in with a chance. 

Create an outreach campaign strategy including emails, and social media messages, and start sending them. Remember; DO NOT be attached to the outcome. This is a game of numbers.

So send out as many connection requests and info about your cause/charity to as many influencers as you can find on Instagram and Facebook. Then ask if they have a Pinterest account and follow them over there too, let them know you have connected with them on Pinterest as well. 


Keep on being a giver, i.e. share their content too. When an influencer truly gets it, they will share your content, causes, and message too, and their followers will flock to your profile to do the same. #Bingo. 

The above leads to increased visibility and brand awareness, access to a larger audience, and the ability to showcase impactful visual content which is all about your causes/projects/donations, etc.

If these aren’t enough reasons let’s talk about it some more…Why a charity should use Pinterest today to generate funding.


3# It is a long-term game 

Understand that SEO takes time and No one should offer quick wins, that’s a lie. SEO is meant to be a way of building long-term social capital and a trusted community. In fact, it is and should be a safe and natural way to climb the Search engine ranks – Avoid at all costs black hat tactics or short-term wins. If you are on a very tight budget, check out our White Hat SEO Tips to be on the safe side.

To be honest, you need someone to create your visuals and schedule your content on any platform including Pinterest. K-Web Social can set up your Pinterest assets and also help you get started with local SEO. So…


Should a Charity Use Pinterest to attract stakeholders?

Certainly, using Pinterest can be an effective way for a charity to attract stakeholders. The platform’s emphasis on visually-driven content can help the charity showcase its cause and connect with potential donors and supporters.

However, it’s important for the charity to have a clear strategy in place for how it will use the platform to maximize its potential benefits.

So please, as a charity owner or leader, consider using Pinterest to attract stakeholders as it can provide a platform for visually appealing and shareable content, thereby increasing your visibility and engagement with potential donors and supporters.


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