Web Maintenance Tasks and Contract

K-Web  Website Maintenance Plan

WELCOME. You are Here Because you have Committed to keeping your Online Premium real estate in its best Shape. This Constitutes your Plan and An Agreement Between YOU THE CUSTOMER and K-Web Design and Maintenance Solutions, here in after referred to as “K-Web”, to Maintain your Website In the agreed time or until one of the Parties Cancels Said Contract/Plan.

K-Web commits to and continues to provide the ultimate in WordPress support and maintenance. You chose our Bronze Value Plan, Any extra jobs are considered One off or Hourly jobs.

We will fix individual issues with your WordPress website/s as well as undertake one-time tasks. Alternatively we can provide ongoing maintenance and updates as agreed.

Our Maintenance Plan Includes as many tasks as you want within a:

  • 6-Man Hours Per month window, handled by our expert team. This Includes Work as laid inside the Bronze package. Which includes a Bi-monthly Security sweep,  WordPress updates (core, plugins and themes), up-time monitoring, backups.
  • 10-Man Hours Per month window, handled by our expert team. This Includes Work as laid inside the Gold Package. Which includes a Weekly Security sweep,  Weekly WordPress updates (core, plugins and themes), up-time monitoring, backups. 30 minutes of development time on retainer. Weekly Malware Scans, Emergency Site Restoration. And Much More. 
  • 16-Man Hours Per month window, handled by our expert team. This Includes Work as laid inside the Platinum Package. Which includes a Bi-Weekly Security sweep,  Bi-Weekly WordPress updates (core, plugins and themes), up-time monitoring, backups. Bi-Weekly  Malware Scans and Emergency Site Restores. 120 minutes of development time on retainer… and much more. 

This work will be done or carried out on Work days (Mon – Fri + Sat half day). And Includes email support. Chat Support is Included in the Platinum Plan. 

What does Ongoing WordPress Site Maintenance Mean For You & Include?


Website maintenance packages can be tailored to YOU, our client’s specific needs. This means you can choose what services you want from the list below. This at least includes the WordPress core, plugins, and themes. Services typically may include a combination of the following:

Unlimited Task Requests

As a subscriber, you can create unlimited task requests of up to 1 Hour Workload per week. (usually charged at £45/each). These can be for general site updates, or bug fixes, or for more complex work. We have WordPress experts on hand to handle your requests. 

Weekly Backups

We Check Your Site Backups every week. Depending on your site size, through our web hosting recommendation. These Backups are kept every 30 days! (If you use a different Web Hosting service, to our recommendation, this option is not available.)

 Concierge Support

We understand that some things are best explained on the phone. You can call your Support contact and explain your issues, and we’ll guide you through anything else we need to solve them.

Speed up a WordPress Site

A slow site forces a customer to go elsewhere. There are optimizations we can make within limits, that reduce loading times. E.g. caching data to stop a site being slow. This can help cut the bounce rate on your website and improve the experience for your visitors. This request Can only be made ONCE every 3 Months. And is Limited to an Hour of Work. Any more and we let you know what needs to be done and what it may cost. 

Fix Contact form errors

Contact forms can provide basic errors, or simply not deliver mail correctly. By working out the logic of where mail goes and why it might not deliver, we can diagnose the problem and provide a solution. Sometimes they clash with other Plugin or WP Updates, We keep an eye on that for you! 

Fix dead links

Most WordPress links are dynamically generated, dead links are usually hard links in the WordPress database or cache that have not updated after a URL, plugin, or theme change. Or backlinks you connected out to, if you run a blog, comment links no longer active. These may need manually updating to prevent confused customers. Also they can lead to your site slowing, reduce customer experience and website SEO Rank dropping.

Install New Theme

We can recommend and Implement a New Theme if your current theme is not supported anymore.  (Cost of theme is NOT included, we simply inform, recommend and Install once approved/purchased.)

Theme & WordPress Updates

We check your site Weekly for any updates that are required. That includes the WordPress core, plugins and themes. And ensure they don’t break your website. Updates can cause conflicts or errors or may clash with web server settings such as PHP versions. We’ll take care of this all for you. We’ll do the upgrades (During GMT London Working hours)

Add New Plugins and Fix plugin errors

Our experts will also recommend and Upload Plugins your site may need to function better. We will also diagnose any issue with a plugin you may have installed – perhaps caused by a php error, or a conflict.

Pro-active Monitoring

We automatically monitor your website for outages. If our systems pick up an outage, then they notify our technical team who look immediately into the cause. 

Set up WordPress SSL

SSL certificates can cause problems with your WordPress if not installed properly. They also can cause Mixed content problems which lead to “Insecure site” blocks. All content should run through https://, and non-secure links should be redirected to the secure version. We can help you with this! (T & C apply – Depending on Site Size and How much “Mixed Content” and error warnings Show up!)

Vulnerability Scanning

On top of our regular updates, we scan your website for known WordPress vulnerabilities. In addition, we scan your files for any hints of malicious code, and check your site on safe browsing checklists.

Install Custom Payment Gateways

Implemented and install a custom payment gateway, with specific required fields for e-Commerce and Standard Sites. (These are Extensions/Plugins and the Cost is Separate from Value Plan fee.)

Fix Media Upload Errors

File uploads can either error or silently fail. This is usually a simple fix – either the upload path or folder permissions. Let us get it working as intended.

And So much more

We don’t just support WordPress. K-Web Design Solutions is a complete support company, so we can also help with email fetching, domains, DNS & more. The reason we can offer all of this from just £95/month, is because we do it at scale.



If you are using any Paid extensions and/or plugins for your website and they require purchasing a subscription, K-Web will order the paid extension for you and include it in an invoice with description of what that paid extension is for.  Such routine WordPress updates only include “minor” updates within a “major” version. Major updates, may require additional time and effort and will include an additional charge.

The time and costs associated with a major upgrade varies based on each website and will be determined at the time the update is needed or requested.

Support Ticket Response

After receiving your support ticket request, K-Web Maintenance will evaluate the time required for completion and send you a response as soon as possible. Response time is usually no more than 3 days.

Completion Time

Completion time for support requests will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Order of submission (first come first serve) Prior jobs will still hold priority.
  2. Time required to complete the requested work
  3. Your maintenance plan level…
  4. Anything beyond 4 hours or goes beyond your monthly Quota will be charged as extra. 

Additional work at £45/hr

If the work you need to be completed exceeds the time available in your maintenance plan which is 4hrs per month, it’s not a problem. We can simply bill you at our standard hourly work rate of £45 an hour. If you continue to exceed the allotted time, you may want to upgrade your maintenance plan.


Our Promise To You

Every task we undertake is handled by an experienced WordPress, HTML, CSS Coding expert, whose aim is to ensure that your issue is sorted efficiently, fast and that you are happy with the service you receive.

  • Quality Service Guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the work we’ve done, or are doing, Immediately Get in touch with us to Come to an agreeable solution. 
  • Quick Response. Most issues are resolved within 2 hours!
  • Diligent Teams. Website support is one of our CORE roles.
  • Backups First We’ll ensure a backup of your site is done before starting any work. Meaning we can roll back at any time should there be any issues.

We don’t just fix WordPress websites, we also use WP daily We’re site owners ourselves and run numerous sites.

And if your Problem Is not showing up on the List Above You might like to reach out to us To either add it on or Create a custom Quote for you. 

By Reading and Sending our K-Web Contact admin@kalungigroup.com an email with a Headline Titled “Go ahead“. You agree to these terms, that K-Web Maintain Your Website for the Agreed Period of time or until you Cancel this Contract! So, by continuing payment, you are agreeing to our continued Maintenance of your website. 

If you so wish, we can send you a digital version of this Contract As well via Google Docs, in which case no work will commence until you sign and return that Document. 

To cancel simply Write to our Admin at the above email at least 14 days before the last day of the month. (Minimum Period and payment is 3 Months). Cancellation Before the Minimum Tie in period Incurs an Admin Cancellation fee of a Full Bronze Plan fee of £95.  Also do make sure to cancel the mandate with your bank.  

Signed on Behalf of: the K-Web Design and Maintenance Team

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