K-Web Website Launch Checklist

Website/Blog Launch Checklist

Website or Blog Pre-launch Checklist


  • Configure Basic SEO/Google Console You can also check with Woorank. Address any issues and recheck  until you achieve a good score.
  • Check site runs smoothly
  • Add Anti Spam Protection
  • Add Security Plugin – we recommend WordFence
  • Add Google Analytics Code
  • Ensure Relevant pages allow Search Engine Indexing
  • Submit Website to Google – Unless Client doesn’t wish so
  • Add relevant Tags to All important pages – Meta & Title Tags
  • Set Correct Client Timezone
  • Check Permalinks
  • Add Social Share Plugin
  • Check and test SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate
  • Check Favicon, Retina Logo and header images
  • Review Cross Browser Compatibility – Do this with Browsershots, which, will give you a good idea of how your website is viewed by others.
  • Test Website on Different Devices (PC/Desktop, Mobile) and be sure to test on say a Tablet. Why? A personal test on a one touch device gives you the right feel. 
  • Test Website Load Speed, SEO performance via GT-Metrix or the Pingdom tool, not forgetting the Google tool. 
  • Do a Mobile-friendly site test – Make sure the mobile navigation works as most users are on mobile these days. 
  • Check Grammar, proofread content, check spellings
  • Double check – no broken links
  • Check/test all redirects
  • Optimize Images – Use Optimizilla.com and Smush Plugin
  • Create or Update branded Email Address
  • De-activate and Delete Unwanted Plugins, Images, and Purge Cache
  • Remove all Unwanted Pages/Posts, purge cache
  • Check all Forms on the Website
  • Check SEO and Overall Grades
  • Test Cart/s right up to purchase if site is going to accept payments – create a $1 product and get a refund if necessary. Run through each step in the purchase/payment process, including the success/thank you page redirect. This includes downloads, sign-ups, shopping cart functions, payment processing, email notifications, buttons, and links.
  • Check Licensing of Plugins, Images, etc.
  • Check and Take Website Backup – before LAUNCH, create a full backup of the site, just in case something goes wrong!
  • Check Domain and Hosting renewals and mark dates/Let Client know. – For  domain name: we recommend GoDaddy. They are competitive in pricing. For the host: You can go with SiteGround
  • Setup Up-time Monitoring


  • Create a custom 404 Redirect Page for “Lost and Found Visitors. 😉 


  • Check the sitemaps – XML/HTML and Check the robots.txt File 


  • Check the Legal Details – Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you are going to serve ANYONE in the EU Zone ensure you have set up the GDPR Data and Privacy Policy Details. And ensure Client has provided all  relevant Country of residence Legal Stuff. 

– A cookie warning is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, so take care to include one

– If its an eCommerce store or deals with money in any way, add comprehensive ‘Terms and Conditions’ section.
– If you’re collecting data, make is clear in the Privacy Policy.  – – As Stated above, Compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is necessary, for any EU Business.
– Check the legal requirements in Client Geo-location for age verification, consent requirements, credit card processing and etc.


  • Ask Feedback from Friends & Colleagues. WHY? A fresh look at your site, esp. if they can do a quick video while browsing will always show you something you missed. 
  • And finally go remove all Old Unused Post/Page revisions. The quickest and easiest and fastest way to do this is to use a plugin like WP Sweep


🙂  WAIT…….

The work is never Complete. You will need Website Maintenance to keep your new baby running smoothly, reaching and serving your customers. K-Web Solutions can Help. Learn more About our Post Launch Maintenance Plans Here

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