K-Web Social Designs Client Dashboard

Step 1 – Sign Up To Your Social Dashboard:



Once Inside Please connect all of the social media accounts included in your package (Gold – 2 platforms)

So here is what to do. Watch this short “No sound video” And follow instructions. Please add your names not “Syl Kalungi” 😉 

K-Web Social Dashboard

#1. Sign Up and Create your Profile 

#2. Once Inside click on  Accounts and Connect accounts.

#3. Add The Social media platform/s which you shared on the Client Questionnaire, that you wish us to manage on your behalf. 

#4. If you have Images/Visuals you’d like us to start with or use, including logos, brand colours, fonts, Please send those via DropBox and give us access asap. Ensure that Dropbox account is exclusive to your business or just allow us access to a Folder. Open Free Dropbox account here. You can also use Google Drive but Dropbox is much easier to navigate. 



Step 2 – Share Your Instagram & Twitter Login Details

Please ensure you invite admin@juleskalpauli.com via LastPass and no other email

We need you to share your Instagram & Twitter login details if:

  • Instagram is included in your package for manual posting
  • Instagram Growth Service is included in your package
  • Twitter Growth Service is included in your package

If none of the above cases apply to you, then you can just ignore these instructions and complete your On-boarding below.

We gain access to your login details securely via a password management app called LastPass – this app protects your data and privacy.

Here’s a video walk-through of how to give us access to your login details securely (no sound):


You’re All Done! What Happens Now?

Now that you have completed all of the On-boarding steps, Let us know when you have added your Social platforms and visuals or any content you would like us to use/post along with what we shall create along the way.

Sit tight, because we will be in touch within 24 hours to move your account into the Research Phase.

If there is anything you need before then, please get in touch using the contact details below:

Contact: Customer Support Team
Email: admin@juleskalpauli.com

Click: here to schedule a call

We will start the optimization of your socials as well as strategy conception.  Contact us here  or use details below:



Cell/Mobile – WhatsApp, Text, Call: +447858134865  OR SEND an

E-Mail: admin@juleskalpauli.com  IN FACT, Do both for a much faster response 


And we will get back to you with your draft content strategy, draft calendar and proposed start date asap. 




**Our Working Hours in GMT UK Time  are:

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm 

Saturday 10:30 am – 2:30 pm 

Sundays and Holidays – We go to The Well to refill our pots of life too… 😉  


You can login to your Social Dashboard at anytime by bookmarking this URL, and clicking the login link at the Top of this page. You will want to do this for your Reports, Insights, See scheduled content, When its scheduled for, that way you dont CANNIBALIZE your reach and growth, by posting too soon after. 


Welcome to Your Happy Place 🙂 

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