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Your Ultimate Pinterest Visibility & Growth Bootcamp – Presented by Julie Syl Kalungi


The Password for any Password Protected Videos below is KaSP


DAY #1.

The Password for any Password Protected Videos below is KaSP

Day #1. Bonus

How to Create a Pin for the Beginner. C

Day #1 Walk Through Instructions

Quick Canva Tutorial

Miss this step, and you will flounder on any platform for ages and could even QUIT…Bah!  So, DO IT.


It’s quite Simple yet Extremely ESSENTIAL. It Gets you to Dial in TWO things:
1 – What you do
2 – Who you do it for
Assuming you have something Ahmazing to offer or even things! What you need to do 1st is to niche down.

REMEMBER: You can come back and repeat this process over and over to polish up, and get laser focused. Kapische?

Now, Let’s find out… What You DO and WHO Yo Do it For.

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DAY #2

DAY #2 Bonus

Day #2 Instructions Live Training

Lets Set up your Filing Cabinets aka Pin Boards. 


🔥 Step 1. Double Check that Your Pinterest Profile is Complete & Attractive
The 3 things we want to make clear for anyone who views your Pinterest profile are;
1 – Who you are
2 – Who you help
3 – What you do for them – what’s unique about it

We deep dive into the What, Where, How Of each of the above in the Day #2 Instructional Video Above. 

🔥 **Step 2. Action STEPS **
Let’s Do some SEO
CHOOSE 2 Keywords to Describe Your Offer/Brand.

1. —————————————
2. —————————————

To know which Keywords are trending in your niche on Pinterest, use the search box.

🔥 **Step 3. Action STEPS **
Now that you know what we are going to do & why we are doing it, Let’s do it…

Step 1 – Create at least 10 Boards.
Step 2 – Add at least 10 Pins from the Popular Pins in your Niche.

Check your Bonus videos and Day #2 Instructional Video for details. And Top each off with a Pin Image of your own content.

Don’t have a Website? Well you have a FB Page/Group/Profile yes?

You want a Website Built for you? We have a Done For You Option with a Standing Discount of 50% Off Till end of this Month: See we offer here

🔥 Step 5 – Pop the before and after images in the comments below for a review and some more tips.  Bob’s ya uncle 😉

DAY #3

DAY #3 Bonus

Live Pinterest Profile Review

Day #3 Instructions

6 Fatal Pinterest Mistakes to Avoid

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Day #3 Direct Connecting; Outreach Plan- Overview

Now what we are gonna do is: Reach out directly in 2 ways:
1 – To your existing network – assuming you’re already on Pinterest
2 – Connect with the most likely suspects in your target audience from the research on Day #1… Yaaas, we gotta do some work, right? 🙋‍♀️😂

🔥Step 1 – POSTING ON PURPOSE- Engage Your Existing Followers
1- See, in order to get your content in front of new people, your current followers and YOU need to be engaging with and re-pinning your content first. The more engagement you get, the more visibility you’ll get.

To hack the system, pro-pinners use Tailwind:

2 – The first step in this step is to use the search box in Pinterest
3 – Type your Top Keyword inside the search box. Click on Pinners/People (highlighted below the search box)

🔥 Step 2 – Direct Outreach – Likely suspects
On this step we will look at reaching to new potential client prospects. The first thing you have to do is to connect with these new people Ultimately what you are going to do is:

1 – Follow potential Prospects and Send them a personal welcome

2 – If they respond – send a personal thank you and invite them to; Connect on FB or Join your FB Group.

🔥Day 3 – Action Steps
Now that you know what you are going to do & why you are doing it. Let’s do it…

Step 1 – Lock in your Ideal Client targeting.
Step 2 – Follow at least 10 New people Per day – Start Conversation
Step 3 – Invite them to Your Focused Group/Community – No Pitch yet. Ever tried the ATM Strategy? Use a version of that here.

Step 4 – Tag them in the Group Pinned post, invite them to ask questions and check out what your Group is about.
You are on a roll here, Rock on.

NEED HELP? Send an email to or Post Your Question inside the Social Creatives Hub

DAY #4

DAY #4

This is all about OPTIMIZING your Presence on Pinterest. So we deep Dive into SEO & Marketing aka Advertising on Pinterest in this Training

Day #4 Lets Optimize

Essential Growth Resources

  • TailWind – Automate, Analyze, Scale Up
  • Canva – Design Tool for the non-techie
  • MailerLite – For your CRM/Auto-responder
  • K-Web Social Designs – Pro Personal Branding, Website Design & Protection, and Digital Marketing Services.
  • Text Optimizer – Optimize your Text for Better Rankings. Great for Dialing in Your Keywords. This tool will make sure your text is optimized for search engines even after you publish.
  • IFTTT – Bookmarking & Cross promotion tool
  • Videorama – Video editing app its about $2.99/mo 
  • Instasize  – A FREE video & Photo Editing App. Great for creating short YouTube/Insta/Pinterest Videos  

LeadPages – for Creating Pro Landing pages and Single Web pages

Aweber – Alternate CRM More Traditional

Quora – Question & Answer Site, More Traffic and Content Exposure

MiloTree – To Grow your Followers and reach 

The Art Of Pinterest Profits – Get Your copy Here

Optimizilla – Online Image Compressor

Go Deep on Pinterest SEO – Learn More

Use the FREE MozBar – Chrome extension to further Dial in your Keywords, legally spy on the competition and rank even more. You need a free account to use the Mozbar.  Using the MozBar, helps you to see your online competitors’ meta descriptions. And Curate their meta descriptions for some of that juicy traffic. Look for high search volume, low competition keywords. More Traffic for Years 😉 #YW

DAY #5

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