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Website Design & Build

We design and develop dynamic, mobile-optimized, budget-friendly, SEO optimized, and aesthetically pleasing websites. We have a team of professional developers who are experienced in handling complex projects.


Coaching is an investment in YOU and your Business/Career. The most successful people in the world hire Coaches And/Or mentors because they know that its the Best way to Create More Better Results. Click Above Icon to See if You Qualify!

What else we provide?

Social Media and Digital Marketing - Global coverage

In Social Media, Pinterest Success, Digital and Social media Marketing for Startups, Established Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Marketers for More, Better, Faster Results!

Free Live Training

In Prospecting, Closing Sales, Attraction and Social media Marketing, Mindset, Branding, Lead Generation and Making Money from Home. Every Monday, Wednesday + Every Last Friday of the Month a Free Q & A Session.

Mindset & Self Development

Learn the Tools and Mindset you need to build your Version of Success, whatever that means for you! With other Focused Entrepreneurs

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What our clients say

The content that Julie delivers is worth thousands and she is so generous. In addition having Julie in the den on a daily basis is gold. It's great to be a founding member and have access to all this wealth.
I have people showing up in my inbox more, wanting to know about what I do. I feel more in control as an authority in my niche. I am more intentional and clear & I can tell from the responses that there are a lot of people waiting to hear my message.
When you go OUTSIDE your box, and haven't the knowledge to get far very quick, having a mentor to help you along the way can help you cut the learning curve... I could type all day about how I feel but I am just going to encourage you to get a TRUSTWORTHY mentor, like I did.

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Who we are

We are Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi. High Performance Coaches, Social Media Strategists and Managers, Pinterest Strategists and Web Design Geeks. We help new Marketers and Business owners including Coaches navigate the Online space, Target the right Audience and Get paid on Purpose! We only share tried and proven resources, products, services. So, we can teach you how to promote high ticket products, traffic getting,  Personal Branding and list building to grow your business, and Build a Solid Residual Income.

High Performance Coaching
JetSet Academy Coaching JAC 81%
Branding & Social Media Marketing
Winning Entrepreneurs Den 89%
Social Media & Pinterest Strategists
K-web Social + Pinterest Growth Academy 93%
K-Web Social Designs + Web Design & Maintenance
Social Media Management + Websites Developed by Us for You 93%

About us

The Kalungi Group a Home for Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Coaches. We are Active Digital and Social media Users and Marketers. We are also Home Business Trainers, Speakers and Authors. We share what’s working now in Internet digital marketing and Social media to help you Generate More Leads, More Sales and Live a Life you Love! Read More…