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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Incorporating AI in Charity Marketing

AI in Charity Marketing; How Your Charity can utilize AI tools for its digital  marketing campaigns – A Comprehensive Toolkit.



This article explores the utilization of AI in Charity Marketing. Plus a Comprehensive list of AI tools for digital marketing campaigns by charities and non-profit organisations. Can I preface this article with what I learnt years ago in a training about attraction marketing.

Its simply that in order to successfully automate your processes, you must have mastered your message and WHO you are targeting.

If those two don’t align, you won’t get desired results from your AI automation. You have to be able to engage and talk with people 1-1. You must be able to tell your story. And for a charity/non-profit, telling your story is everything. Being part of a community, building community is all about sharing your stories, connecting and building relationships. All the AI tools are meant to do is to amplify your message to the right audience much faster and wider.

Here’s something else I just want to get out of the way; can we agree that non-profit DOES NOT mean that your organisation cannot trade and make profits! All it means is that the profits made are put back into the charitable work of your organisation. This includes project and programs costs, core costs, administrative costs, management and staffing costs.

With these points agreed on, I can say with certainty that charities can use AI for your digital marketing campaigns to attract desired goals including income and profits.

So, this article, highlights the recent relevance of AI tools in the context of digital marketing and provides insights for charities, non-profits, entrepreneurs, DIYers, professionals, and business owners interested in leveraging AI tools for your digital marketing efforts.



In today’s digital landscape, businesses and charities are increasingly turning to AI tools to enhance their digital marketing campaigns. The question is; are you?

If you are still on the fence, this report might be of help. It delves into the recent relevance of AI tools for digital marketing and provides valuable insights for charities, entrepreneurs, DIYers, professionals, and business owners looking to leverage AI tools to maximize the impact of their digital marketing efforts.


The Art of Pinterest Profits 2nd Edition


Understanding the Role of AI in Charity Marketing:

AI is meant to simplify your processes which lead to your desired end goals faster. Successful charities have leaders and staff that come from a background of or develop the skill of networking. In other words, you must come to leveraging AI from a place of strength in the art of connecting, communicating and crossing boundaries with other humans in order to succeed. Because you cannot avoid the real work of talking to people. Be them beneficiaries, donors, sponsors, funders, fans, etc.

Now, lets talk about AI tools.

AI tools encompass a range of technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. These tools can automate processes, analyse data, and personalize your marketing strategies, leading to more effective and targeted campaigns.

Let’s simplify one of the above terms so that an 8th grader from the 19th century could understand it:

Machine Learning – this is a kind of artificial intelligence – AI, that uses algorithms to make predictions and decisions based on data. In other words, machine learning is the ability of computers to learn without being specifically programmed. For a charity’s digital marketing needs, this means that your PC can identify patterns in data and apply those patterns to predict future outcomes with a high degree of accuracy.

Wouldn’t that be amazing for your fund-raising campaigns?

For instance, you have a list of people who have subscribed through your newsletter or donation page, but you aren’t sure who is the real donor/s? And that is the challenge of traditional marketing which normally uses data to guide marketing campaigns and actions. With machine learning you can use the data to automatically make decisions, instead of just providing insights into what’s happening on a macro level.

AI tools have revolutionized the way digital marketing campaigns are executed. This is because AI technology has the ability to analyse vast amounts of data super-fast and efficiently, allowing organisations like your non-profit to gain insights into your stakeholders, donors and supporters’ behaviour and choices.

Benefits of AI Tools for Charities’ Digital Marketing:

AI tools enable charities to analyse vast amounts of data and gain actionable insights. They offer several advantages for your digital marketing campaigns including improving audience targeting, personalize content, optimize ad campaigns, and enhance customer engagement. It is very important though to personalize and customize your marketing messages which AI tools can help you to achieve at scale.

Automation streamlines processes, saving time and resources.

AI-powered chatbots enhance customer support and engagement.

AI tools enable charities to gain valuable insights from data analytics, leading to data-driven decision-making.

The above examples of AI capabilities offer advanced analytics, which can help you make the right choices for automation, personalization, and optimization of your campaigns and products/services. Therefore, by harnessing AI, for your charity, CIC, Social enterprise, you can enhance your targeting, engagement, and conversion rates.


How Can Your Charity Utilize AI Tools?

Your charity can leverage AI tools to enhance your digital marketing campaigns in several practical and impactful ways. I will be talking about the different ways you can leverage AI and thereafter I will recommend some tools for you to utilise. So let’s jump right into some strategies:

  1. Content Creation and Management:

People think they can just wake up and create value content that will go viral in minutes. But the truth is, content creation is a skill that needs to be learnt. Even with the power of AI.

Back in 2014, I invested in the Ultimate Branding Blueprint which gave me a solid digital marketing, web design, and content development foundation. This and lots more training programs to polish and keep myself updated in the digital branding space, have given me the soft, hard and tech skills that make me who I am today in the digital space.

My humble suggestion is:

If you truly wish to leverage AI, then don’t scrimp on your learning. And don’t let your mainstream schooling stand in the way of your education!

So, you might be wondering, why a content developer would recommend using AI for content creation!? It’s pretty simple, the tools are available and they aren’t going anywhere. BUT, they DO NOT add the human touch. The feelings, the emotions, the case studies specific to your brand, the testimonials, the behind-the-scenes stuff. Only a human with the skills can add these to your digital campaigns in a way that touches the emotions of your target audience.

Always remember, “People buy with their emotions and justify with their rationale“.

And that’s why I recommend professional content developers like; K-Web Social Designs. They can help you add the magic to humanize your content. Content that will evoke the feelings and actions you are looking for from your customers, beneficiaries, donors, sponsors, stakeholders.

Today, it is very much easier to Curate content by leveraging AI. The content can and will be relevant to your desired end goals if you put ask the AI tool the right questions and follow up, for instance AI tools like ChatGPT. Which tools curate content from various sources that can to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Creating compelling and relevant content is essential for effective digital marketing. So, AI tools can assist your non-profit in generating content ideas, optimizing headlines, and even writing articles. They can also analyse content performance and provide recommendations for improvement.

You, can use AI tools to automate content mapping, ideas generation and structure. For content such as blog posts, social media updates, and newsletters tailored to different segments of your target audience. We refer to this as “Automated Content Generation” and such content can be super engaging once you sprinkle in the human magic mentioned above.


  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms can play a crucial role in increasing your charity’s visibility, and reach all of which are essential components of digital marketing. With the use of AI tools, you can automate social media posting, schedule content, analyse engagement metrics, and identify trends.

For social media marketing automation, and virtual assistant tasks like website chatbots, remember you have to train the AI in order for it to behave the way you want it to represent your brand in as natural a way as possible. That’s why I focused on simplifying the term machine learning before.

This tool is our best recommendation for social media marketing. It not only allows you to design amazing content, it also allows you to design relevant graphics for your social media campaigns, and schedule them right inside the tool to your various social media profiles. The beauty is, Charities and Voluntary organisations get the Pro version for FREE. This and other AI tools can also assist in sentiment analysis and social listening, enabling your charity/voluntary org to better understand your audience and tailor your messaging accordingly. That’s why you must have the soft skills in communication as well as the tech skills to utilise the AI. Both of which you can learn in tandem.

Always remember to keep it real because that’s the energy that other people, your target audience is looking for too

So, what the heck is social listening, Syl? You might be asking!

AI-powered Social Listening Tools monitor social media channels for mentions of your charity, track trends, and engage with your audience in real-time. Saving you time to focus on the delivery of your services. They can also measure the sentiment of your audience, which we call…

Sentiment Analysis. This is the use of AI to analyse the sentiment of your social media mentions so that you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Lets now talk about…

Journey Without Limits By Julie Sylvia Kalungi


3. Personalized Donor Engagement:

I believe that all charities and voluntary organisations would love to receive donations via targeted acceptable means. And for this you could utilize AI-Powered Personalization. This is where you use AI to analyse your target donor data and tailor your message and campaigns to individual donor preferences, increasing engagement and conversion rates and eking out more donations!

You can even automate your admin and customer support via Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. This is of course via your website and social channels where you can implement AI-driven chatbots to answer donor queries, provide information, and guide them through the donation processes 24/7.

Again, this saves you time to focus on more pressing needs of your organisation, which need those donations to flow, right?


  1. Predictive Analytics:

Donation Predictions: Did you know you can predict your donations, to a certain degree? You could use predictive analytics to identify potential donors and predict future donation behaviours based on past data. Obviously, this means you have a process to invite and track donations.

This might be harder using resources like easy fundraising as its tailored more around your online shopping habits. But if you do run online fundraising/donation campaigns the, you could also carry out…

Campaign Optimization: This is where you analyse your previous campaign data to determine the best times, channels, and messages for reaching your target audience.


  1. Email Marketing:

A lot of charities and CICs limited by guarantee – membership do have what we call “Lists” but they never analyse the data to understand the people they work with or attract to serve them better and also get the best from them. This is where AI-Driven Segmentation comes in. I would recommend that you segment your email list using AI to target different groups with tailored messages, improving your open and click-through rates.

The best thing you can do for the above data is to always be A/B Testing. This used to be painfully complicated, yet with AI, you can conduct A/B testing on subject lines, content, and send times to optimize your email campaign performance.

And ow to one of my favourite topics….


6. SEO and SEM:

With digital tools and resources, I cannot emphasize enough the word OPTIMISE because the more optimised your campaigns and content is the better results you get. For you the beginner or if all this sounds like gobbledygook to you, I recommend that you start with this resource: AI SEO Explained for Beginners.

We have written a bit about Whitehat SEO  and even updated the information in this article. I encourage you to read both articles because everything in there is very much valid today. This is because you keyword optimization, has gotten so much easier. You can use AI tools to identify the most effective keywords for your charity’s content and campaigns, thus improving your content/campaign’s search engine rankings.

If you are putting some Ads dollar towards your digital campaigns, then you must do what we call Ad Spend Optimization. Again, this is where you can leverage AI to manage and optimize your paid advertising campaigns like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, ensuring you get the most out of your budget.

If you do not know how to do these things, I highly recommend you consult or hire a pro. So many have invested in Ads and have very little to show for it.

And for ads you need visuals so let’s talk about that.


Ad - Web Hosting from SiteGround - Crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more.


  1. Video and Visual Content:

As an artist at heart, it was very easy for me to jump on to the use of digital AI visuals for our social media and other digital needs. This includes :

Automated Video Creation: especially for short videos for stories, reels and social media posts. I had so much raw footage form the livestreams I have been delivering for years. So, I didn’t need to start from scratch. Every event, every action I did for the business I had images, these too could be turned into videos.

So, I encourage you to leverage AI to create impactful videos from raw footage, adding relevant music, captions, and visual effects to engage viewers. And remember, the shorter the better, then you link your viewers to your longer form content. I call it

upgrading their experience from nibbles to the buffet.

Now there is nothing worse that doing all that work and you don’t brand your images on the front and back end. Again, you can use AI for Image Recognition. I mean, using AI to categorize and tag your images, making it easier to find them online and use the right images for your marketing materials.

Okay, lets talk about the elephant in the room…Isn’t it sad to get a donor who obviously grabbed your vision and was moved enough to make a donation and they don’t come back for more? So, what do you do? You use AI for…


8. Donor Retention and Engagement:

Indeed, it is the holy grail journey for every charity/voluntary organisation to find and hold on to those donors/funders/sponsors. For those seemingly one-off donations you could use Loyalty Programs. Develop AI-driven loyalty programs that reward repeat donors and encourage long-term engagement. This means you understand and subscribe to WIIIFM station aka What Is In It For Me or Them.

Understanding their WHY, means your messaging can keep them tuned in to your station and charity. And this means you are also focused on;

Behavioural Analysis: which is using Artificial Intelligence tools to analyse donor behaviour and create strategies to increase retention rates by addressing potential drop-off points.

Do you run fund raising events or any kind of events for your organisation? Then you can use AI for that too.


  1. Event Management:

AI-Powered Event Planning: Utilize AI to plan and manage fundraising events, from identifying potential attendees to optimizing event logistics.

If your event is online i.e. virtual you can utilise Virtual Event Enhancements. Where you implement AI tools to enhance virtual fundraising events with features like real-time translation, personalized networking, and interactive Q&A sessions.

And now I think you have noticed a trend, right? That all the above AI driven enhancements to your processes and workflow require input, top of the list being a human with skills and Data. So, let’s briefly talk about using AI for…


  1. Data Management and Insights:

Even if your data is all over the place, you could use AI for you Data Integration. Integrate your data from the various sources like email, social media, your website analytics and turn it into a cohesive dashboard for a holistic view of your campaigns. Then you can generate actionable insights i.e. Insight Generation with AI from your data. This will truly improve /transform your future campaigns by helping you make informed decisions.

All in all, by integrating these AI tools into your digital marketing strategies, you may not only increase your reach and efficiency but also create more meaningful connections with your supporters, ultimately driving more donations and support for your causes.

So all the above sounds great, but what tools can you use to get the party going or enhancing your member’s experience? Here goes…



Key AI Tools for Charities’ Digital Marketing Campaigns:

As promised below are some AI tools recommendations for non-profits, social enterprises, voluntary organisations and frankly any small to medium business. While not exhaustive, we share 2-3 tools we and our clients use to build reach and campaigns that work, at the time of publishing. We don’t want to overwhelm you, see!


#1. For Personalized Donor Engagement:

HubSpot: which provides AI-driven CRM and marketing automation tools for personalized communication and donor management. It has a free option and a paid version too.

Aweber: is similar to HubSpot, with a better value and cheaper paid option, which you will need for better analytics, and A/B testing.

Salesforce Einstein: AI capabilities within Salesforce that offer personalized recommendations and automated customer service


#2. AI-Powered Predictive Analytics:

For Analytics we recommend tools like Google Analytics, IBM Watson Analytics, and Adobe Analytics which provide in-depth data analysis and reporting. With these you can gain valuable insights into your audience behaviour, their preferences, and your campaign performance.

Google Analytics: Includes predictive analytics features to forecast user behaviour and optimize marketing strategies.

IBM Watson Analytics: Uses AI to analyse data and provide insights for predicting donor behaviour and campaign outcomes.


#3. Content Creation and Management:

Grammarly: I don’t know what I used to do before Grammarly. Now I write, it corrects/suggests. It uses AI to improve your content writing quality, ensuring clear and engaging outputs.

MarketMuse: this tool analyses your whole website and gives you a personalized report. It is an AI-driven content planning and optimization tool that helps create high-quality, SEO-friendly content for your digital needs.


#4. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants:

ManyChat: AI-powered chat-bot, virtual assistant and marketing tool in one. It offers automated customer support and engagement inside your Messenger and can be linked inside your website too. Example below

ManyChat AI Powered ChatBot. AI For Charities Marketing

You could also check out Chatfuel, it works the same way as ManyChat.  With such tools, your Charity can provide instant responses, collect user data, and nurture relationships, while saving resources and time.


#5. Social Media Marketing:

Buffer: Charities are usually challenged with staffing issues for tasks like building your social media presence. For a small amount of money, you can use Buffer or Hootsuite Insights. This is also an AI-powered social listening tool that monitors brand mentions and trends across social media platforms.

Sprout Social: Offers AI-driven social media management and analytics to optimize engagement and campaign performance. Now, with that said, I would strongly suggest that you hire humans who know a thing or 10 about social media management, to bring to life your content for social media and we highly recommend 99Social for that work.

But if the purse strings are truly tight, then go one and download our Social Media Management for Beginners 101 book to get you started on the right path.

I can tell you hand on heart, that the best platform to show up and attract donors and sponsors would be LinkedIn. Yet a lot of charity leaders and staff have no clue how to leverage that platform for good. That’s why I created the LinkedIn Influence, a resource you can dig in at your leisure and create a powerful LinkedIn presence that gets your organisation Found, Seen and Heard without the usual BS of social media…and all without showing a single dinner outing, lol 😊

LinkedIn Influence - LinkedIn Impact Academy


#6. Email Marketing AI Tools we recommend:

LeadPages: This AI enhanced resource offers you the easiest way to build your email list. Often times you will find a beauty of a sales page, right? And that page grabs your attention in addition to its message? More often than not, that page will have been designed using LeadPages. And it has a beautiful integration with your CRM and for that we recommend…

Aweber: AI features for audience segmentation, personalized email campaigns, landing pages design, and predictive insights on email performance. For connecting, automating and selling your vision to your target stakeholders and audience.

MailerLite: AI-powered email marketing platform that offers automation, segmentation, and A/B testing, you can also design simple webpages with this tool.


#7. SEO and SEM:

Moz Pro: This starts you off with 30 days free trial, then you decide whether to pay or not. So, if you choose to upgrade to the paid product, you need someone with a bit of knowledge on your team to maximise its offerings. MOZ is an AI-driven SEO tool that helps with keyword research, site audits, and rank tracking. It gives you the data you need to make changes to your website for better search rankings, and that cannot be a bad thing.

SEMrush: We cannot speak about Moz and not mention SEMrush. This is a comprehensive digital marketing tool with AI features for SEO, content marketing, and competitive analysis. In their own words:

“Do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform.”

#8. Video and Visual Content:

Canva: This is one of the most used tools in our digital campaigns’ kitty. It is simple to use and comes fully loaded with a huge free offering of Royalty free images, videos, Graphics, Gifs and memes. Canva offers AI tools for designing visuals, Webpages, presentations, portfolios, etc. It allows one to create branded graphics with ease.

The owners are so generous to offer charities and non-profit organisations access to their Pro Suite FREE. We are so grateful for this platform. Honestly we could just put a full stop on just Canva, but we won’t, so you can also try out…

Lumen5: AI-powered video creation platform that turns blog posts and articles into engaging videos. Hello TikTok, Reels and Stories you will be in mini videos heaven with just these 2 tools.

Okay back to business…


#9. Donor Retention and Engagement:

DonorPerfect: If you already have donors smashing your bank doors down with generosity. This is the tool for you. It is an AI-driven donor management system that helps track donor interactions and predict future giving. #sweet

NeonCRM: Again, this is only great if you have a bit of a list of donors/sponsors and gift givers, thus need to get AI-powered insights to improve donor engagement and retention strategies. You can manage and communicate with your donors, track and process donations, and reconcile payments.


#10. Event Management:

Eventbrite: If you run any events on or offline, then you need this tool. Eventbrite is an AI-enhanced event management platform that helps with event planning, promotion, and attendee engagement. It allows users to create an event booking platform for up to 100 attendees free.

Hopin: AI-powered virtual event platform that in their own words; connects people, build communities and offers features like networking, interactive sessions, and real-time analytics.

With all the above, you of course need your…


#11. Data Management and Insights Tools:

Google Data Studio: Offers AI-driven data integration and visualization capabilities to create comprehensive marketing reports.

Tableau: Data visualization tool that uses AI to create interactive and shareable dashboards from complex data sets.



Well, if you are still here it means you are focused on transforming your digital campaigns for good. By integrating these or similar AI tools, your social enterprise, non-profit charity or voluntary organisation can streamline its digital marketing efforts, better understand your audience, and optimize your campaigns for greater impact and efficiency.

Here’s the deal, we all evolve, life is about evolution. So the soonest you wrap your head around AI for charity marketing and daily life, the sooner you can free you to do other things you are supremely qualified to do. Or simply enjoy your life more. So go ahead and try AI, get a young apprentice excited about the digital world to create your profiles on them platforms and get started on your journey to utilizing AI for the good of society.

I hope you have got some value, and if you have, please do share your feedback in a comment below. And do share this resource with someone you care about. We’d love to hear from you!

Check out our related resources now and take your online presence to the next level!

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