Why Voluntary Organisations on Pinterest

3 Powerful Reasons Why – Voluntary Organisations on Pinterest

Should your Voluntary Organisation be on Pinterest? In this Episode, We share 3 Powerful reasons why It Should. 

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Voluntary organisations on Pinterest – what the heck for? I had a chat with a CEO of a voluntary organisation based in the North West of the UK recently. She challenged me with this Question; Should everybody be on that Pinterest you keep talking about? I run a charity, not a shop. I answered her question effectively so much so, I feel it should be the topic in today’s episode. I am going to share the ethos of how I answered the question: why Pinterest for Voluntary and charitable organisations and yours too use Pinterest

You must be asking Why Pinterest why not Twitter?


First of all, if you run a voluntary organisation: charity, community group, constituted group doing charitable or community-based work, run by volunteers, then you are probably looking for four things: 

    • Income, from Donors, Funders, Sponsors
    • Stakeholders
    • Fans
    • Income from Sale of Products or services – merchandise

With all due respect to the other gender, the majority of voluntary organisations I know are run by Women and most volunteers I know are women too. This is so in alignment with Pinterest users being over 60% women a whole 1/3 of them being Generation Z aged 25–34. These are people born after 1997. This to me speaks to a new/younger audience for your voluntary organisation.  Gen Z and Millenials love to do stuff that makes them feel inspired and also validated. So they are generous and love to do volunteer work. So your volunteers are definitely browsing Pinterest even as we publish this article.

Your Tweets by the way disappear in less than 30 mins of you tweeting them, down the Twitter black hole unless someone shares it and it goes viral.

Your Facebook profile posts have 24 hours of uptime unless your audience engages, comments, likes, shares. And if you are sharing on your page, then you can only reach up to 0.2% of your page followers irrespective of the number. Unless you run Ads.

Instagram feed reach has been the bane of the CEO for years, he said so himself in 2019. And Unless you upload at least 3 reels a day which should be pretty entertaining or hypnotizing, you aren’t growing fast organically with that platform.

LinkedIn demands your presence, engagement on others’ content and even having a Volunteer or staff doing all that.

Leaving you with Pinterest as the one platform that does not demand all the above or treat your content like a cashpoint.


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Voluntary Organisations on Pinterest – Should Yours Be there too?

#1. First, I don’t know what your organisation is trying to accomplish for your community. What I do know is if you do have products or services you offer as a means of generating income for your charity or voluntary organisation, then you should be leveraging Pinterest. 


If you are looking for donors or funders, then you should be on Pinterest. It will raise your brand reach in search so well your stakeholders will find you via Google, through your Pinterest assets. 


Trust me I know the power of Pinterest. I have been testing it out for driving traffic to our website, mainly to increase brand awareness, while also supporting our local SEO strategy. And I can tell you now it has been an amazing tool for that. We have now created services and will be testing driving direct traffic to the page. Watch this space. 

Do you do gift baskets, are you looking to increase your support base? Then I promise you that Pinterest Vs Instagram, Pinterest wins hands down in brand exposure. You will see an increase in supporters esp. if you offer membership and donation products. 

Understand that you can only get to see the metrics; i.e. the results of your efforts with a Business Account, which is free to create.

I highly recommend that you access our Complimentary Module of the Pinterest Growth Academy before you do that. So that you can set up right for the best results.

There is a ton of FREE guidance on how to utilize Pinterest for your organisation inside our Pinterest vault, Walk-in no optin needed. 

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Reasons #2 and #3 are mentioned in the video above. 


Now, I want to help you figure out Pinterest for voluntary organisations because this is what absolutely transformed our website traffic and life.

If you are really struggling with the question, “should my charity use Pinterest for advertising? what is my strategy, How can I best leverage it,” click the link below. You’ll be taken to a page, you don’t have to opt into it. Yet if you want to take that leap of faith and create a Pinterest funnel for your organisation’s website, increase brand awareness, and your desired goals, Feel free to click that link.


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2 thoughts on “3 Powerful Reasons Why – Voluntary Organisations on Pinterest”

  1. Hi Kalungi,

    What an amazing share! I have a friend running a voluntary organization, and she is looking for the best ways to connect with donors. I am sure this article will help her a lot. I think it will be a great help for her, and she will be able to make the most of her efforts. I think you are right about Pinterest being used by women, and how it can be a good platform to find the right people. I will definitely share this resource with her, and hopefully, it helps her in her process.

    1. As long as one’s business isn’t a top-secret government-oriented type, it can definitely be promoted with Pinterest. And that goes for voluntary organisations too. With usually so much to share, projects going on, good works a bound. Why not toot their horn, at the least? I hope your friend gets to use Pinterest and catapults hr results John 🙂

      Julie Syl

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