Unique Pinterest SEO hacks that work

Unique Pinterest SEO Hacks that Actually Work

Is your website getting crickets for Traffic? Steal our Ultimate Unique Pinterest SEO Hacks that Actually Work

Are you looking to monetize your blog/website? Maybe you want to get some Mediavine revenue? You are tired of the crumbs from social media. And you have heard about Pinterest SEO but have no clue how to go about it in an impactful way. You could even be using Pinterest loosely, and you probably think you have heard it all. Yet, this isn’t any old Pinterest episode, this is about Unique Pinterest SEO hacks that have lasted the test of time.


I know, I too get bored with the same old basic regurgitated Pinterest tips.  For instance, you already know that you need to craft images that are optimized, titles, and descriptions. I bet you do know that keywords are the lifeblood of targeted traffic via Pinterest Search Engine Optimization.


Yet, do you know these particular Pinterest SEO hacks?


For some of you, you are still at the stage of Why Pinterest?

If that is you, then this episode is not for you. But if you are ready to rock your website with a continuous flow of targetted Pinterest traffic,…

Then let’s get into it…

The Art Of Pinterest Profits


This first unique tip may sound like common sense but take a second look and you will understand why it’s a Unique and top-secret Pinterest SEO hack, which is…



#1. Pinterest SEO Checklist – Choose the right Pinterest board.

The assumption is you have a Pinterest account and followed my Pinterest Domination tips on how to set up for success. Then, you know all about optimizing your boards but, did you know that the very first board you save your pin to is super important?


That board MUST be the best SEO-optimized Pinterest board with related pins to the pin image you are adding/saving to that board. See, this is what will count towards the lifespan of that pin. This 1st save determines Pinterest will also categorize it and thus how far your pin and related content will go.  So, don’t just save your pins on any board willy-nilly. Be Intentional about it. 

For instance, we have this episode regarding Camtasia review and video editing tools, right? Where would we pin it?

The obvious choice would be our Content Marketing Board because that is an optimized board that has other episodes and pins related to video and content creation, related tools and product reviews. That’s why I would save this pin there.

Similarly, don’t just go adding your pins to a random board that won’t add any rank or SEO factor to your content. Coz no one will be searching for it in that random board.  Which isn’t going to help your content rank better in Pinterest search. Nor get you the traffic you desperately need. 

Action Step: Create Pin Boards and add optimized Board names and descriptions for Search.

My next Pinterest SEO super tip for you is…



#2. Use the Pinterest ads creator to Validate your Content Before You create it.

Hello time saver! By the way, this is all an…

Action Step: Go through the steps of creating a Pinterest Ad and you will be able to access this hack and feature. For this, you must have a Pinterest business account.

The trick is you are not going to, and don’t have to publish and pay for the ad. It’s quite simply the process you need to get to the step that allows you to search for keywords including each keyword/phrase’ search volume. This in turn helps you to validate your keywords before you create content to ensure that Pinterest users are actually searching for your content and/or offers.  

So that’s how you can use the Pinterest Ads creator tool to validate your keywords and the content you are going to create, to ensure there’s actually a need for the content or keyword. This data is NOT ACCESSIBLE from the “Create pin”, the search bar, or the Pinterest trends functionalities.

Talking of keywords, how about you…



#3. Use Keyword Tools that Experts Use.

Heck, you want to get the results experts get, right? Then you must be ready to use the tools we use. And I am not talking break the bank type tools. I am talking affordable, yet effective.

For Pinterest scheduling, you definitely should check out Tailwind. And, for Pinterest SEO, I suggest you check out Pin Inspector.

These are resources Pinterest managers and experts use to build powerful Pinterest profiles and find trending and commercial keywords. I am not saying do not use the Pinterest search bar, heck do that too. But you already knew that, right?

The Inspector tool is also good for giving you content ideas in your niche, those topics people are actively looking for on Pinterest in large numbers. It’s amazing for saving you time while helping you to create content that your audience both loves and is happy to engage with and above all buy into your offers.

Action Step: Get the tools and create a list of keywords and key phrases that are in your niche. Then create content around those keywords, that is also optimized for your target audience. Schedule your content and watch the magic happen. #YW smiley wink



#4. Unique Pinterest SEO hacks – Use the Right Seasonal Keyword/s

Okay, am I saying that keywords are seasonal on Pinterest? And the answer is a big YES.

Despite the fact that we try to create all seasons, evergreen content, with Pinterest you must have your finger on the season pulse and create content accordingly. In fact, try to create that content at least 6 weeks before the season you are targeting.

After all, you don’t want to start promoting your Christmas decorations the week before Christmas. They won’t show up in the smart feed for weeks! Meaning you will miss the whole boat!

Even though people are searching for what you offer all year long, with Pinterest, traffic is heavily driven by seasonal needs and searches. Meaning? Most keywords are seasonal.


Okay, am I saying that keywords are seasonal on Pinterest? And the answer is a big YES. Click to Tweet


Example: People rarely search for summer vacations in summer. Usually, they start in winter dreaming about their summer vacation. Likewise, people start searching for their winter ski getaway in the heat of summer. Make sense


Thus, based on the time of year or season, people are searching on Pinterest for the next thing, create your content too. It’s a dreams and futures platform.  Did I just make that up? Heck, why not?

Pinterest Is a Futuristic Inspirational platform ~ Julie Syl Kalungi

Think like a customer and get your content and/or ads out at least 6 weeks before the season:

  • Winter ski vacay
  • Spring wardrobe
  • Spring cleaning
  • Summer holiday
  • Autumn and Halloween décor
  • Christmas gift ideas, etc. 

Trust me, whatever your niche, most Pinterest searches are season driven. This translates to the fact that most keywords are seasonal too.

Therefore, as a content creator, you definitely want to leverage the seasonal surges which are usually in alignment with people’s seasonal searches.

If you need help with creating seasonal blog content, K-Web Social Designs can help with that. Right from your account set up and/or optimization, to planning, creating, and scheduling your content for you.

K Web Social Content Creation Marketing



#5. Use the same Pin Keyword for your Content – SERP

Okay, I don’t want to confuse you, but SERP means Search Engine Results Page. A huge number of people still don’t get that Pinterest is a hybrid visual and social search engine. Most people compare Pinterest to Instagram and choose the latter. A mistake that keeps you on the struggle bus and costs you traffic and results.

FACT, Pinterest is a search engine, thus you shouldn’t have a very different process for optimizing for search and how you do it for Pinterest.

What I am suggesting is, always use a mix of both commercial and emotional keywords in your content and use the main keyword/key phrase in your Pin headline and description.

The Pinterest SEO hack is to choose the same keyword for Google/search as on Pinterest. Guess what, if you choose the right keyword, you’re not only optimizing your content for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc., but you are also optimizing for Pinterest.

Action Step: Before you create your content, choose a keyword/phrase that is going to do well on Pinterest and search engines alike. Try to use tools to speed up the process, and if on a tight or no budget try the Google Keyword Tool or Keywords Everywhere.

Either way, you want to ensure that you validate your keywords via a search engine keyword tool. Why? Because we have tracked and measured and seen that content that does well on Pinterest also does well in search.



#6. Use your Text Overlay – Add your Keyword to your Pin Image.

We agree that Pinterest is a visual search engine, yes, yes? Then it makes sense that our images give the right signals too.


By adding your keyword as Text Overlay on your image example below

Unique Pinterest SEO hacks that work

The above Pin image points to our blog episode on Why Website Maintenance matters. See how the words are almost the mainstay of the whole pin image? 

Such are the visual signals that also help the Pinterest Algorithm to categorize your content properly faster. So, make sure you’re also using very clear high-definition images in primary colours and the image should be in alignment with the message.


Also, be sure to brand your images.


Example: you are promoting comfy flat summer shoes. Then your pin image should certainly have flat summer shoes like flip flops, summer vibes, beaches, etc., things that are very clear visual signals as to what your content is about.

So, when creating your images, don’t forget, to tick this box too so that there’s no confusion as to your content message and Call to Action.


Let me ask you, is your pin image showing up as a related pin in the wrong category? Well, your image optimisation, or lack of it could have something to do with that!

Make the task of categorizing your content for the Pinterest bots so much easier, this in turn will deliver more targeted traffic to your website and offers

And that brings us to our Bonus Pinterest SEO must dos today.


Bonus: Create a Unique Hashtag and Keyword for your brand.

This is common sense, but we know all about that…right?

Anyway, our next top Pinterest SEO hack is all about branding you. You want more and more niche searches to lead to your content, right?  Well, why not start as you intend to carry on?

Create a Keyword with your brand name and turn it into a hashtag that you use with Each and Every Pin image description you put out on Pinterest. Why Jules?

Well, if someone is searching for you, your business/brand, blog, or product name on Pinterest, if optimized properly, your content will show up on top in the results and also on the suggested content drop-down menu.

See how our profile is the only one that shows up when we type Kalungi Group in the search box?

Unique Pinterest SEO Hacks and Checklist - Your Business as a Keyword


Go on, try it and see how many other profiles show up when you type your website or brand name inside Pinterest. Then go do the needful to optimize your brand to show up right at the top if not the only one.


People will be able to find your pins and related content. See, people do not search in profiles, they use the search box. So, ensure when you’re creating your boards and pin images, you add your brand name to your pin Boards. So, one of the terms we use on our pins and boards are the hashtags #YourPowerEchoes and #KalungiGroup.  


And if someone is searching for Kalungi Group on Pinterest, they can easily find our content. And guess what?

The more searches you get for your business on Pinterest, the easier it gets to make your brand a keyword.


I thus highly recommend that you take advantage of this SEO hack by adding your brand or business name to your boards’ descriptions and/or your pin descriptions.


Again, K-Web Social can help with all things Pinterest branding while you focus on building your business and serving your clients.


And this is it for today.


I promised to share with you 7 unique Pinterest SEO hacks to get you more traffic and ranking higher in search and I did.


Essentials Recap:

Recognize or remember that Pinterest is a niche social network for professionals too. Understand the use of Keywords/Phrases and hashtags to help you increase your conversion rate. Use Pinterest SEO to rank in other search engines and attract better traffic, advertising and revenue.  

Add descriptive alt tags to images, and in your description. Curate your image boards, and include links where necessary inside the description too.

Use more pin formats for better visibility as well as correct image signals for faster Pinterest categorizing.

Maximize your captions and use keywords in a natural way in your descriptions. None of that Keyword stuffing business!

And we are done. 



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Well if you enjoyed our Unique Pinterest SEO hacks that work today episode and you have some more SEO tips, how about first you like & share this post. Then share your tips below, we’d love to hear from you!


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