The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle

Show and Tell – The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle

The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle – Proven Processes to Building your Home Based Business


At first, we called it the Den, it naturally transformed into the WeNation then encouraged by our clients who insisted that the “Name surely should reflect the powerful content and results they are getting so that more people can get access too” we gave in. So, we rebranded the experience, created a VIP space, added value, and transformative tips. Now here is a brief expose of what The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle is and why you should seriously consider adding it to your home business marketing arsenal.


Before we unveil it, let me ask you a question, call it a favour and I want your honest answer… Plus, you don’t even have to tell me. Just be True to yourself…Is that cool? So, now….

Are your peers starting to smirk at you as they ask: “How’s that Online Business or that thing you are doing, going?”

Maybe you dread running into someone you know and they ask you the question? smiley yell

Let me guess, it’s been a few good moons since you started your home business…For sure you’ve learned a lot, maybe you even blog, you have funnels, etc. But you haven’t made any returns on these investments yet.

Those sales seem pretty elusive…you wonder if they ever show up!


Your online presence and business feel more like an online hobby, a very resource-hungry one, despite all the effort you’re pouring into it.


Perhaps that 9-5 and 3 shifts you had aren’t looking so bad right about now! smiley cry  At least you get weekends off, PAID holidays, sick leave, and other benefits.


Man, while friends are going out clubbing, coffee and movies, you’re spending nights and weekends at Hotel meetings. You’re sending DMS on Facebook, and Whatsapp blasts, you are desperately trying to build that list and drum up at least one sale… Neither are Brands beating your door down with that company-branded blog of yours! 


Offline, maybe you’ve got transferable skills to pay the bills. Happy clients, testimonials maybe even a wait-list of potential clients – you know your stuff, and a few clients getting results.


Yet, when you fire up your PC and log on to social media, you feel like a total failure. You see others in the same Facebook groups, who’ve done the same programs and started building their online business the same time you did.


You’ve watched them as they built a following, launched their program, and made bank. They’ve made it…And you ask yourself: what the heck am I missing, what’s wrong with me?


Does it feel like this ‘Internet Marketing’ thing is an exclusive club that you’re never going to get a membership to? – YET you keep applying anyway, plugging away? 

Does it feel like this ‘Internet Marketing’ thing is an exclusive club? Click to Tweet 

I mean, you’ve opted into a

  • Barn full of Cheat Sheets,
  • Bought a TON of programs,
  • Created Lead Magnets, Freemium, and Video Trainings…

Still, you don’t feel any closer to that elusive beach lifestyle that you were promised and keep dreaming about when you started out with this online malarkey… Heck, you can barely make it to your local park…It is all work, work, and more work…


You’ve got pieces of the internet marketing puzzle scattered on your tablet, android, and desktop, but missing that one piece that is the KEY to figuring it all out.


I get it…You see, you are not that far off…yet it may as well be Mars…

And let me tell you it’s not your fault. There are A LOT of ESSENTIAL pieces that have to connect in just the right order for this whole online thing to work.

My friend, I have been there right where you are…It wasn’t pretty. For over 18 months, I worked like a woman demented. That bird’s nest, panda-eyed mama you read about… smiley surprised

I tried throwing strops, called out to God, meditated, paid for a ton load of coaching, gosh I fasted and seeded… Then I started blogging. I have created hundreds of sales funnels… videos hello… Podcast, yes ma’am!

And guess what, somehow something clicked…Good JOB I was recording my steps so I know exactly how and when it did! And better still What ACTIONS produced results…

I’ve spent the last 6 years working with clients who have successfully taken their OFFLINE skills ONLINE.

One client went from STARTUP TO making regular 4 FIGURE days, in 5 months and helping women look and feel amazing with her skills. With 2 toddlers in tow!

Another started sending away clients, she was overbooked within 5 weeks of working with me.

I’ve put ALL the pieces of the puzzle together:

  • The tech
  • Social media recipes
  • The Funnels and Lead Magnets
  • Copy-writing – heck I am a celebrated blogger!
  • Email campaigns
  • Even Facebook Ads
  • Personal Branding… All these are secondary to the one thing I know you want and that’s what I focus My energies For You…


Making Money Online whether you show up or not… 

If you want the missing piece of the puzzle, so that you can:

  1. Share your expertise with a global audience
  2. Sell your offers to a willing and able target market and make bank every blessed week/month
  3. Speak to your ideal client with focus and clarity
  4. Be seen as the authority in your niche
  5. Focus on the INCOME-producing aspects of your business and not time-sucking activities and see desired results! 

Then you are ready to connect the missing links in your chain and you will discover them all inside of The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle plus a whole lot more.


Here is the thing, our 1-1 coaching normally costs between £1,000 – £6,000 to be a part of (and it sells out)…

YET, what if you could join for just the price of a meal out?

Winning Entrepreneurs Nation


YET, what if you could join for just £37 a month, for 1 year… After which you are done paying, and have lifetime access at no extra cost?*

Hang on a minute, I have gone ahead of myself! Below is a short, less than 2.5 mins video that gives you an aperitif of what The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle, formerly lovingly called the #WeNation is about. 

Why The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle? 

Click Here to Gain Immediate Access

This Secret underground den is NOT for everyone…

In fact, it is ONLY for 2 types of people:

1.) Winners – people who are trying to reach their next level of success in their career, income, fulfillment, or wealth goals. Or you’re ready to transition from the 9-2-5 in record time…

2.) Future Winners – people who are committed to and obsessed with their success. People who dislike the word Average. Who are willing to do whatever it takes to join the 3%  movers and shakers of the world.

If you don’t fit in the above 2 categories of people, then stop reading now, because you will find it is not for you and well, you won’t implement…

However if you are a Winner, a Leader – or if you’re committed to becoming one then…come on in. 

The funny thing is We considered this mastermind at £97 a month and that would still be extremely affordable for the kind of person it is meant for, as well as the value it brings…

Yet, before we did, we decided it was essential to release The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle even pre-launch to a select group of people at an unheard of discount…We also decided to see how it would be received so we haven’t even thrown our Marketing machine behind it…Just a few social mentions in the last 2 months! 

The discount is so unheard of, it would be a no-brainer for anyone who wants to transform their business growth.

So with that in mind, we thought of pricing it at maybe £75 per month…

But then we had another think and decided to go further. We realized we have a lot of new and budding entrepreneurs, marketers, distributors, and sales reps who need help, but cannot afford high ticket masterminds and coaches.

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So we decided to do something even more unheard of… we broke the above figure down to an even more crazy offer!

If you are like most new online marketers, coaches, small business owners, home business owners, and even bloggers, it’s like a dream.


When were you last excited about what you are doing or why you even started it? If you do remember the WHY, you are kind of chasing your tail like a demented dog, with no tangible results, and the bills are piling up!

You cannot even remember what excited you about the particular business you started!!!

That breaks my heart. Usually, new marketers look and sound lost, like Bambi before the headlights. With no hope of achieving what you started out to do.


I hate to see people struggling, or looking like they are about to quit because they have no hope… No hope in your business, in your future, or even achieving your dream lifestyle via financial freedom.

This is because many have no clue what to do, nor is anyone teaching YOU effective ways of using social media or the basics of personal branding to grow a business that pays…

So that’s where The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle comes in…


We made it to where you can get full access today for just £444 or £125/month for 4 months.

YES I want The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle Today

And if you subscribe today, we’re even going to let you join the Vault with a boatload of Bonuses.

I am not sure how long this craziness will last, but I can assure you though that this offer won’t last…


So don’t let this opportunity pass you by…

Do you know one of the characteristics of millionaires and successful people? It is that they take action Fast with no hesitation when they see an offer that Will Solve their problems in one stroke. 

And that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do Today, now.

Click the Big Brown banner with a red button on this page to join The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle before you miss out.

Oh. And in case you’re wondering …


Of course, you get to keep the bonuses!

Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle-1

At any point in this program, you have a chance to work with me; Julie Syl more closely. This is optional and is available if you’d like help implementing what you’re learning faster by Upgrading to our JAC Ignite Program.


Have you got any questions regarding The Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle for your business? If so, do feel free to comment below. Also, feel free to share it with someone else who may find it useful esp. Share on Facebook


To your Abundance

Live. Learn. Love

Julie Syl  Kalungi

Julie Syl n Pauli Kalungi Ft n

Creator of LinkedIn Influence – “Helping you Build a Lucrative Home Business From Ground  Up”.

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