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5 Simple Social Media Management Steps for Beginners #1 BestSelling Book

5 Simple Social Media Management Steps for Beginners Workbook by Julie Sylvia Kalungi – Giveaway


Welcome to our Inaugural blog episode. Hey, it’s Julie Syl, and today I’m, realizing a dream, allow me to take you on a journey. I never for once thought that things can be as you are taught. Then it happened, it was textbook really, the launch of 5 Simple Social Media Management Steps for Beginners.

This is my 2nd bestselling book. A short yet packed full of nuggets and hacks on how to use social media for your second chance in life/career. In this episode, I share the launch… Along with a boatload of bonuses to help you turn your social media hobby, or your personal online brand/presence into a money-maker. 

It’s unlike anything else, you, and I both know.

Sometimes you have this huge ambition for your life. You know you want to change, but sometimes you also get stuck and have no clue how to get unstuck. With the current climate, it’s time to think outside the box.

The answer is in this book for you, you know what I love about some books? It is that they can take you on a journey to a magical world where you get new ideas about your dreams or life.

5 Simple Social Media Management Steps for Beginners is that magical world. A step-by-step guide that will help you understand if you are cut out for social media management, or should you outsource and be the client! It helps you learn how to create a fool-proof social media strategy that gives you the edge on social platforms even the new ones like Clubhouse, Telegram, or the old lovers like Pinterest and Facebook so you can generate for you and your clients ORGANIC business leads.

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NOTE: All the Free Books have been claimed and given away. 


Studies show that social media marketing is a major tool businesses have and use to promote their products and services. This is not surprising especially since the pandemic, people are spending a huge amount of time online especially on social media as a way of staying connected.

The simple 5-Step framework in the book outlines exactly how to set up your Social Media Management brand, how to set up your pricing, and some hacks to improve your marketing so you can increase your reach and customer base online.

In this complete social media management for dummies guide, you will discover:




• Understand the key elements of building a powerful (and memorable) personal brand and what components you control and how to leverage the ones you don’t

• Clarify your unique value proposition and simply articulate how your service solves your customer’s biggest problems

• Define your niche and develop a specific customer avatar to help you speak directly to your next client




• Know exactly what to do to create social channels that get you seen, found, heard, and hitting the right numbers in your own business. Help you attract your ideal customer, capture their attention and get them to take action.

• Follow the “5-STEPS,” to do the same for your clients and attract even more monthly paying clients who don’t bargain for discounts and skyrocket your monthly income.

• Understand why charging by the hour keeps you in the famine to feast cycle that is not ideal for your business or lifestyle. Thus a simple system to craft and set your monthly packages to attract better clientele.


5 Step Social Media Management for Beginners to Profits-


• Top tools, apps, and resources that will transform and help you scale your business
• Social media strategy template
• List Building Tools

This social media management for dummies workbook is filled with ideas, tips, scripts, templates, images, and examples that can help you generate better results from your social media efforts for you and your clients.

About the Author, Julie Sylvia Kalungi

I got the Social media marketing bug back in 2013 when I joined a network marketing program and have spent almost a decade earning my living as a social media, digital marketer, and coach without chasing my family or friends, or spending hours chasing strangers on social media. So, I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the constantly changing algorithms of social media platforms ala Facebook.

While I’m no longer a Network Marketer, I’ve worked in this industry since 2013 and have a passion for simplifying what seems hard and turning it into an Actionable process for myself and others. My goal is to provide you with the necessary tools you need to master your social media marketing and build a social media management business that loves and serves your life.

It is time to sell to more people in the comfort of their home and gadgets!

So inside of this book, you’ll be reminded of some of the most important steps to help you get ahead and some of the things that you need to be avoiding.

That’s the power of this book… I’m telling you when you read it, you get insights as to what works and on which platforms. By the end, you’ll feel different about social media and maybe have a seed of a new revenue source you didn’t even think about before.

Why? I want to give 20 people this book today for almost free is:

I created this book to help as many people as possible. So I am giving it to you guys because you supported me, look I’ve gotten to achieve so many of my dreams because of the lessons in this book, but also because of your support.

So what I did is I bought these books for my community for you.  And when you claim your book, I’m, also to give you access to my £297 Pinterest Growth Academy.

Now this book is a journey I went through to regain my focus, following the brain FOG after my bout with Covid. What a lot of people don’t know is I also lost a ton of clients at the time and I had to reset my life. To help me change. To apply my own lessons from scratch to help me change.

I knew it in advance even before this book hit #1 Bestseller. I felt it. See, I know how to help people see the change they desire.

You’ve seen it over the years followers, fans, and students online. It’s because I know how to facilitate that, and I facilitate that very specific way in this book, and I want to teach you that.

So I’ve created this brand new book plus the course, and I’m going to give that to you today, for free once you claim your copy, just click https://kalungigroup.com/smd

You’ll see two buttons on there for those of you who have a book club or have a lot of people in your life who, you know, want to be inspired, who want to change your life and just need that path. I offered a number of bonuses for those of you who want to order 10, copies or 30 copies for your family, for your team for those in your church group, whoever it is that you just know needs a new path.

Go to Kalungigroup.com/smd Click that button get the number of copies that you want. 

And I want to do one more thing for you. You know I don’t know if you ever want to write a book or not, but writing this book. For me was a big journey, and people always ask about that journey, so I’m, also going to give you today when you get the book and send me an email a chance to write a bestselling book – walking you through my process.

How do I think about a book? How do I design the chapters and figure out the layout of the book, the story… because I get asked that all the time so you’ll, get to know in Draft-2-Sold


I can’t, wait to hear what you think about the book. I know it’s going to start a big change in your life and in the lives of those around you who you get to serve as well. It will change the way you approach your social media relationships.

It will change the way you think about social media, and it will help you finally make a change as you achieve and work towards that bigger future in your life. 

It works, so claim your book today.

Every single day of your life, know that your power echoes.


Julie Syl KalungiJulie Syl n Pauli Kalungi Ft n

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You are a Star!


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