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Why New Authors Need Pinterest – Pinterest for Authors.

Pinterest for Book Sales – Why new authors need to promote their books on Pinterest to Increase reach & sales


I cannot tell you how upset she was, she’d published her first book last year, and somehow she only had sympathy buyers. Aka friends, workmates, and family plus a few free books she had given away. Our conversation went something like this: But why would I need another social media platform, Julie, when I can just about keep up with this dang Facebook? Pinterest sounds like hard work, bla bla! My Answer was, who said anything about things being easy. After all, it took you 3 years to finally write that book? There is such a thing as Pinterest for Authors, you know!

In this article, I am going to share with you too, an author can sell more books with Pinterest. Especially if you are an indie author and maybe this is your first book, right? You also might be a non-fiction writer wondering; can you sell non-fiction books on Pinterest?

Let’s get into the trenches and dig your book sales pipeline mate!  


Tips for Authors – Why Pinterest?

Pinterest Growth Academy for Business


Last time, we focused on Pinterest for voluntary organizations. This time, we are looking at authors, especially first-time authors and indie authors.

I know so many women who create amazing stuff, they’ve written amazing books, yet they only make a few sales at the launch and then nothing.

Today I am here to tell you it’s time you sold more books, you deserve to sell more books. BUT Do you believe you can sell more? If you do believe that, then your actions may not be matching that belief or vice versa.

In this episode, I talk about the one platform you possibly aren’t using that could transform your book sales as an indie author. Pinterest.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Pinterest is that people think it is a social media platform. I cannot blame them, because everyone and their Aunt May thinks it’s a social media platform and even savvy bloggers dump it on the social media pile. 

And of course, I hear you thinking…Gosh, I do not need another social media platform. I am too busy moming, working, writing, etc. The thing is Pinterest is NOT social media, 👈🏻 read that again. 


People don’t go to Pinterest to socialize, they go there to be Inspired. And guess what? Lots of book readers are on there right now, looking for their next book.
Of the above Pinterest searches/users, 77% are women. And our research reveals that women buy 80% of all fiction novels sold in the US. Isn’t that MILLIONS of potential readers cruising Pinterest, for your book?

So, understand that Pinterest is a visual search engine, pretty similar to Google. The difference is it’s way more fun, definitely all about the visuals because it shows you images relevant to your search.

And its beauty and difference from Instagram is every single one of your images can link directly to your desired website, especially your Author page or book you sell. 

So, are you ready to sell more books? Let’s do it.

The Art Of Pinterest Profits



Pinterest for Writers/Authors – How?

1. Well, as I keep on saying, you need a Pinterest business account, so that you can see your stats. And now that we agree it’s a search engine, ensure you know what keywords people type in search to find your topic, and create your Boards. Those will be your Pin image filing cabinets.

You can create as many boards as you like, keep each board topic-specific. I recommend you start with 10 boards to build your pin-muscle on.

2. Now that your filing cabinets are ready…
Go through your book and find interesting paragraphs and create mini-blogs for Facebook/LinkedIn/Insta. Then create Images for the above content via canva.

Also, create quotes, create Quote box images, create buzzy images that reflect your book chapters.

3. Start pinning and linking your pins to your website or author page. I do not recommend you send traffic directly to your Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble page. You are branding you, my friend! You are building a list of loyal readers, buyers, referrers. So, stay on brand and create a simple landing page for your book/s.
Be sure to optimize your pin images by using relevant titles and descriptions, remembering to use keywords that people use to search for the content you are posting about. You select the relevant board your image should be added to and add it with your website link. Bingo you are done.


Today I am here to tell you its time you sold more books, you deserve to sell more books. Do you believe you can sell more? Click to Tweet


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Do I Just talk about My book won’t my Audience get bored?

Glad you asked. And yes, they would.

But, if you have been paying attention and have been creating content for your own website like I have been recommending you do for years, then you will have a treasure trove of content that the traffic from Pinterest can consume. And start to see you as the expert you are on your topic, subject, idea. 

As an author, you are passionate about a topic, right?

Let me share an example: Back in 2014 – 2015, I wrote several blog posts about Pinterest. So much so, one of my friends and coach recommended I had the skeleton of a great resource book. And The Art of Pinterest Profits was born. You too could be like that.

Creating so much content daily, allows other people to see you as an authority in your space. Not just a one-hit-wonder via your book.

So, go on then, all of those posts can be shared on Pinterest. Along with the other stuff you offer: lead magnets, audios, courses, more books, etc.

You absolutely should share snippets of your books and quotes that are originally yours. And you can repurpose all that across your various social media platforms. Be creative.

As a creative writer, consider all that you have on your social media, website, YouTube, Podcast that you want people to consume. Create pin images to drive traffic to that content and ultimately to your books/offers.

As a creative writer, consider all that you have on your digital real estate as Pinterest worthy content Click to Tweet

I also suggest you find some affiliate products you can promote that are complementary to your book, topic, or message. You can then add those inside your content and help your audience in a more holistic way. Affiliate Marketing is a big thing with Pinterest.

If you don’t know where to start, our Kalungi group Affiliate platform could be your first step. 

For example: if your book is about mindful living, you could find affiliate products on meditation, spas, crystals, candles, or create these products and sell them as branded merchandise



Is that all, so I can sit back and See Instant Results?

Are you kidding me? Imagine all those beans you planted and now the beanstalk grew overnight, right? Do you know how to climb to the top of that beanstalk without falling over? You get the picture, yes? smiley cool

Overnight success is possible for those that are so aligned with their inner man, for the rest of humanity – Overnight success is overrated.

So, do not expect overnight results! Pinterest is a marathon, not a Usain Bolt sprint. – it does take patient work and time! Pinning one lonely pin image hoping and leaving it to do its thing, will not have much success.

What you need is a strategy and process to pin on a regular basis, create momentum and maintain it.

At least pin 3 pins a day, variety IS the spice of life. I recommend you also:

  • Shoot short TikTok niche videos, download them to your phone, and pin them. Pinterest loves video pins, esp. if shared as IDEA pins. By the way, follow us on Tik Tok here and on Pinterest here
  • Create a variety of different pins that link to the same piece of content and share them over a period of time. Please, DO NOT pin the same pin to multiple boards, or use the same pin more than once. You can however link to the same piece of content multiple times (though best not to do this on the same day or even same week). What we do is, create various pin images linking to the same content. We schedule them spacing them out 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 3 months respectively. refreshing old content is a great way to bring new eyeballs to it, so do it. 
  • Switch up the titles and descriptions of older pins if you have been at it for a while without traction. That will help to get Pinterest to notice your pins. Oftentimes, an older pin image can take off faster than a new one! 
  • One of the best ways to attract readers is to create one or get on a recommended reading list. There are lots of mom bloggers creating such lists. Go google them, then create an outreach campaign. My advice is to find their social media profiles. Follow them, leave some positive comments on their content. Then your outreach campaign will find a softer landing. 
  • Create your author boards – providing a simple, supremely effective way to build fans of your content…and build that email list.

And if you are too busy writing those books  – Well K-Web Social Designs can become your Pinterest content ghostwriters. Find out how we can help your books today by visiting


Pinterest Growth Academy for Business


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  1. Now this is a great point. I intend to dive into Pinterest a wee bit more for blitzing my blogging courses here and there. Note; to date, you wrote and placed one of the more popular posts on Blogging From Paradise. Of course, the topic was Pinterest. Thanks again my friend. Keep up the inspired blogging work.

    1. Hey Ryan,

      It is so good to hear from you, definitely Pinterest will support your courses, consistency is the key on that front. We need to do a guest post again soonest for sure. We would also love to have a guest post from you on digital branding on this ur new digital real estate.
      Here is to an awesome 2023.

      Julie Syl

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