Pinterest Algorithm Updates into 2022

Pinterest Algorithm Updates & Tips You Should Know into 2022

Your Pinterest Algorithm Updates You Should Know for More Better Traffic and Results into 2022


Over the last 4 years, the Pinterest landscape has kept us all on our feet with all the algorithm shape-shifting, so much so, lots of people felt it was a goner. But was it? The fact is, the digital space is super fast and Pinterest needed to plant itself firmly in the Search Engine space. With that in mind, they have rolled out a few awesome functionalities as we slide into the new year. Hopefully, they will let us settle in these Pinterest Algorithm Updates we are sharing today. 

Over the years, I have shared a ton of Pinterest tips and hacks over on our old website. I can say hand on heart, most of them still work. Yet, with all the changes on Pinterest, some are not as effective as they used to be. WHY?

FACT: Pinterest isn’t as generous with organic generic traffic as it used to… i mean nothing is the same since the last 18 months let alone 8-10 years ago. 

Definitely, there was less commercial competition in the digital space than it is today.  Since lockdowns, everyone and their pet are trying to get online while working from home. Mind you, I am not your party pooper saying that you give up on your dreams! 😎😱


All I’m saying is you can’t rely on the same strategies that worked 10 years on Pinterest or any social media platform for that matter.

That said, Pinterest is still the most effective and generous organic traffic source online. Period. And, with 10 years of freely gifting us traffic plus an IPO, do you blame them?


Now, if you wish to know the foundational Essentials, you absolutely must grab yourself a copy of The Art of Pinterest Profits so that you can set it up for maximum traffic. 


The Art Of Pinterest Profits
The Art of Pinterest Profits



How about we dive into what’s new on the Pinterest algorithm updates, that could affect your traffic in the coming 12 months or less?

Yes, let’s talk about Pinterest algorithm changes because there’s been a ton in 2021. So much so, It got distractive as opposed to productive… for many esp new users. 


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New Pinterest Algorithm Updates and Website Traffic

TOP OF THE LIST — they released a new style/updated the analytics. The dashboard to the native analytics inside of Pinterest dashboard is more contemporary-looking.

I cannot emphasize enough that if you don’t, have a business account, you won’t see analytics. Obviously with their focus on Ideas pins, inside the analytics dashboard, in the creative type on the bottom left-hand side, there’s an idea pins section. Am talking laptop/desktop. You are gonna have to find it out on your mobile yourself love.

In that space, you can see the overall idea pins impact inside your main analytics dashboard.

On the new dashboard, they also changed close-ups to “pin clicks” and link clicks to “outbound clicks“. This latter one IMHO is what any creator worth their salt cares about, the outbound clicks aka click-throughs to your content, offers, products, services, message.

After all, you do want that traffic, right? 

That’s the whole purpose of developing and pinning content on Pinterest. The metric you’re, going to want to look at when you’re.

So based on the updates to analytics, I believe you have more info to determine your pins and content impact. You don’t have to rely on just your individual pin stats anymore.  


#1. Idea Pins – They have been here for a few months; since they were simply renamed from “Story Pins”. With Idea Pins, you get even better Analytics. Remember when I used to harp on about how you get better analytics with Tailwind

Well, I may be eating my own words now, because I check my Pinterest analytics more. The business suite is way easier to read and much better laid out. Plus it literally is the welcome page when I log in to my Pinterest Business account. You do have a business account too don’t you?

Well without one, you cannot access analytics/insights. So, go set up one or turn your personal account into a business one. It’s free innit?

Listen, you have to be in it to win it and yes Pinterest could also get as crowded and competitive as Facebook. So get yourself over there asap.

Plus, Unlike Instagram, each pin image on Pinterest is essentially a direct link to your online assets like; youtube channel, podcast, website, eComm store, etc! I know you may be convinced by the “Meta” marketing machinery of IG… That said, if you have less than 10k followers then your only link option on IG is in your bio. How often do you click on bio links? 

So if you want life-changing traffic from Instagram, paying for ads is your only solution! I rest my case…


Back to Pinterest and idea pins. Now that we now know that they help increase your followers, based on the analytics, isn’t it worth you investing a few moments of your week creating idea pins? 

Guess what, your Instagram story images are just right for Pinterest idea pins — 2 birds, one stone. Bingo 😉

And, since Pinterest is prioritizing this particular type of creative it’s definitely going to be more important for your business too, rolling into the new year. So, it’s time to also consider how many followers you have, and the overall growth and engagement on your Pinterest profile.


#1.1 Pinterest is going TikTok styleThey released a creator fund like TikTok. This is attached to idea pins.

Pinterest has been testing out and piloted a creator fund; paying creators to actually create idea pins on the platform… Kerching. If this doesn’t move you then nothing will!

Remember, for now, idea pins aren’t linkable, but they are growing your overall engagement and followers. Who knows, downstream you could see an impact from idea pins and people visiting your website from your other clickable Pins.

Yet, in my humble view, this is where you can shine even if you don’t have your website. Make sure you create Ideas pins to build out your brand reach. And if you do have a website, go and claim it on Pinterest right now.

So, go into your Pinterest settings >> click on” claim website”, add your domain in there. If you don’t own, the domain put your YouTube channel, Podcast, Facebook Page, or group. 

Anywhere you want to be sending people to. Where you can build on your brand awareness and/or build a list


While you are there, follow us okay!

This brings me to the next update…



#2. Content Claiming Portal

This is for integral and authentic Pinterest creators to take our power back over our content from Pinterest pin thieves.  You have heard of those miscreants, right? 

Have you ever had your content stolen? Or presented by someone who never gave you attribution or edified you as the original author? 

Then you will appreciate this new Pinterest update that you can learn more about here.

Pinterest Pin thieves would find a pin image with high re-pin/save numbers and redirect it to their domain, thus distracting your traffic and effectively stealing it.  Pinterest content creator claiming portal is meant to curb or even nip that in the bud. Thank goodness. 🙏



#3 Live Events on Pinterest

We are so excited about this development and hope they roll it out to the rest of us soonest. When Pinterest allowed video uploads, we knew trialing live streams would be a matter of time. 

They have been testing vertical/tall live videos, so they were very actionable. I believe they only tested live streams/videos out with a handful of high-profile creators.  

See, we noted that Pinterest creators’ growth and profits slowed way down in the 2nd quarter of this year following a really great 1st quarter. That is why I believe they trialed and could be rolling out live video soonest, that would benefit you and me too, yay! 



#4. Creator Code for all new accounts

If you create a brand new Pinterest profile, you are required to agree to the creator code. Almost like agreeing to Terms and Conditions.

And if you have been using Pinterest for a while and haven’t used it for a few weeks, you may be asked to agree to the creator code. I like this new development as well and encourage you to read more about it here

Obviously, you need to have a plan and schedule for pinning consistently Fresh Pins remember. With HD scroll-stopping Images you will find you do get a decent amount of clicks from Pinterest.

Pin images are still recommended at a 2;3 ratio and Canva helps you out by providing 1000×1500 templates. 

For you with physical products, take great photos of your products, with the Pinterest Lens in mind. Because other pinners can save your pin and use Lens to search Pinterest for similar products. Guess what? Your’s could very well show up on top!

If all this sounds like hard work, let us help you get it done.



#5. Videos are Fully In – Going into the new year, incorporate more video into your Pinterest strategy. In fact, we literally only pin video pins. And just the Pin Images for Idea pins. 

Again, if creating all this fresh content sounds like hard work, I would suggest you download your Instagram stories/reels, TikTok videos, remove the watermark and upload them to Pinterest as video pins.

If you are already creating vertical/tall videos, then why not repurpose your content to extend your reach. 

NOTE: make sure you’re not using copyrighted music from say, TikTok to Pinterest.



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Pinterest Algorithm Updates – Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2022

Moving forward, you don’t have to repin as much. If you do repin, focus on spreading those pins out in longer intervals, maybe every 20-30 days.

If you are repinning the same content in close intervals, you are going to see diminishing returns on that content. Because Pinterest just doesn’t want you to anymore. So stop it. No more worrying about scheduling old content yay…for now!

You don’t need, as many pins in your Tailwind queue, so you might reconsider that expense

Instead, I would recommend you create new content and new pins. Or focus on fresh pins. These are new images for older content – refreshing your content. I recommend you create a schedule that allows you to spread out your sharing of older content between 14 – 30 days intervals.


Better still, why not share your affiliate links, Podcasts, live streams, videos, landing pages, products, etc, instead of just your blog posts. If you are part of a community or still do Group Boards of course you can schedule some of that content out to your boards still.

It’s all about giving back, isn’t it? 


Overall, Pinterest traffic and growth have slowed now. I know it’s a big statement, but…

What does that mean for creators like you and me?

Well, in the 1st quarter of 2021 Pinterest had a record growth curve following on from the increase due to coronavirus and lockdowns — at just over 78% 

In the second quarter Pinterest growth has been pretty much flat. Meaning?  New Pinterest users/sign-up growth was slow and that has a knock-on effect for creators too. Because there are fewer new eyeballs on your content. 

As more and more people get back to “normal” to work they are less on social media or scrolling for inspo on Pinterest. So this year, we aren’t even comparing the changes or analytics between 2020 and 2021 because 2020 was an unprecedented year, period.


Still, do create content for people who are now looking for smart work fashion again.

OMG have you seen the number of renovations going on right now? People want more space and they aren’t waiting to buy a new home to get it. So they need design, decor, and home renovation ideas.

They want travel inspiration They are also looking for things to wear i.e. They want to travel.  People want to be entertained in their travels or day-to-day life. Give it to them.  

Learn how to use idea pins today, and start creating them. Creating up to the minute, snappy content that really attracts inspires, and gives people a reason to stick around and share your content is what it’s about. And…


Join Pinterest Growth Academy

I created an evergreen program that includes everything I know about Pinterest. I know everyone and their aunt is a Pinterest coach. That said, I have been sharing Pinterest strategies and tips for years, so I have quality, less-known tips on how to win with Pinterest.

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Pinterest Algorithm Updates – Final Words

If you have any questions pertaining to Pinterest marketing moving into 2022, do drop them in a comment below. We love hearing from you; are you seeing an impact with idea pins, videos, etc? Share as well. 

Before I pen off, I just wanted to share with you the Pinterest Growth Academy is now open. Essentially, I took everything I know about profiting with Pinterest and created an evergreen course in real-time. Plus it’s not a membership, you pay one time and get all updates and new stuff we keep adding. 

So, if you need some generic Pinterest marketing tips head on over to my Pinterest traffic playlist be sure to subscribe while you are there and we’ll see you next time.


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