Discover How To Build Pinterest Assets That Attract More: Traffic, Lucrative Leads, More Automated Sales, Profitable Relationships... And Boosts Your Brand... In The Next 90 Days or Less.

Access the real strategies behind building a powerful Pinterest Profile that Grabs Attention...Generates Interest in your Brand...and has people eager to do business with you...

Pinterest Growth Academy

- Even if you have no clue about Pinterest

- Are worried about How to get started on there...

- Have no technical skills... or have Limited time...

- Or have tried to set up your Pinterest before and failed to get the results you wanted....

Or have no clue what to Pin to get good engagement This Course contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of Pinterest Marketing. Think of this training as your key to creating More Freedom From Your Business with Moore Traffic and Sales.




Pinterest is the Hottest place to Share & Build Your Business…Are You Getting The Results You Want Right Now?  

You’re seconds away from Creating Pinterest Assets that get you:  


Why Pinterest is important for your Online Efforts. How to build a Pinterest Profile that Attracts Eyeballs, Followers, Subscribers & your Ideal Clients.


Pinterest the Basics Inc. 

Crafting that Funky Brand, Choosing the right pin image tags, board names etc. for your profile is essential.  


Creating An Optimized Asset – Choose your Topics, niche and interests & NINJA SEO & Keyword research for both your Pins and Blogs. Get More Followers Who love & Share your content. Including My Uniquely smart tips to optimize your online assets like your website for Pinterest.


What is a Pinterest profile without followers and pinners? Study up on my best strategies and learn how to measure success with killer analytics. You get my Simple steps to track your actions so you know if your pinterest efforts are actually producing desired results in your business.  


Boards, automation Become an Entre-Pinner! Work SheetS for all video trainings. ZONING IN to your target market!  

Access to my Private Video Vault and FB Comunity!  

How to build your email list with Pinterest  

How to run an effective promoted pin campaign

MEGA BONUSES My 7 Step Formula to Gain your First 2k Followers. This takes your Pinterest Game To a whole New Level! Access to my Private Pinterest Video Vault packed with Value Tips, Tricks and Strategies to get your Pinterest Assets working for you 24/7. These bonuses alone are worth more than the Cost of this whole course! My Gifts To You!

This Is A Pinterest Marketing Course With A Major Difference...

Let’s face it... there are other courses out there on how to Market on Pinterest, but none of them deal with how you can leverage it as a Network Marketer OR the real reason you got started on there in the first place... To get leads and create a lasting residual income... Right?  

This course is all about teaching you how to construct a highly profitable Pinterest Asset, a lead generation funnel from start to finish. I teach you how to build a list of raving followers and Turn Browsers into customers for your product, service or opportunity via Pinterest. Sound good?

You can sell to your new leads over and over matter what market you’re in. You’ll also discover exactly what Images to Pin that attract attention, get people into your sales funnel, and to your Blog or offers. 



Andy Atsugah - London, UK

This training gave me the complete confidence and skills in order to build my pinterest profile and attract targeted traffic to my content. I had no idea how to leverage Pinterest for my Business and now I do, Thanks to Julie. I am so grateful for the time and effort put in. I appreciate you! 

Robert Frank - Kansas, Missouri USA

I’ve had a Pinterest account for quite some time, but haven’t done anything with it coz I didn’t really know how to use it to grow my business. After I went through your no fluff PDF, I am excited to add Pinterest to my Marketing strategy. You laid out a really simple and easy to follow road map for using Pinterest for marketing my business. You Rock…and Thank You!  

Felisha Drummond - Social Marketer, USA

I have always had a difficult time with keywords with understanding keywords and why they are so important. Now I know how to use them correctly and why they are so important . I’ve seen a number increase which proves if the setup is right and you apply the right strategies, you can achieve the right results 👏👏👏 Thank You Julie

Sheila Balgobin - London, UK

I'm already putting the knowledge to good use - I have seen a 101% increase in engagement already...and rising! 

The Tailwind hack was fantastic! My biggest aha moment was finding a platform to display my wares on Pinterest. Thank You Julie  

Kay Somji - Calgary Alberta Canada

Your Pinterest Training and Tips are Amazing and Really Convert. Thanks For this again! 

Stephane Lacroix- Toronto, Canada

Hey Julie, I appreciate your Tutorials. I have grown to really like using Pinterest and since utilizing your tips, I’ve seen a better response rate for sure. I’m still going through the training and I’m looking forward to the traction I’ll be getting.

Vennie Mary - Physicist Uganda

Thank you so much Julie Syl. These resources are very helpful and are transforming my personal brand.

May God richly bless you.

Hicunni Chandler - USA

My Pinterest is growing. More traffic to my website gained more followers, and my monthly views are now at 116K+ and increasing daily. I still haven’t finished going through my Pinterest training...I’ve only applied a few things and tested them out. I can’t wait to see the results after finishing my training🥰 Thank you!

Harriet Namugosa - London UK

From Pinterest virgin to getting weekly leads and potential clients for my business. This is so exciting. I can't wait to go deeper with the PGA Julie.

Why You NEED Pinterest for Your Business.

It can be a Lead Generating Asset, If you’re Serious About Growing Your Business. Here is Why…

•You can build a massive audience of raving fans who become your customers. (I’ll show you how easy that is to achieve.)

•There are over 367 million MONTHLY pinners and growing today.

•You can build a massive list of subscribers to present your offers to.

•You can go viral with your Images and marketing messages.

•You can grow your profits and sales and reputation for years to come...FOR FREE.

Did you Know Pinterest encourages you to share your affiliate products & Links? 

That’s right...having a Pinterest Asset is one of the ideal ways for you to build your business.  

If YOU’RE in Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, a Small Business owner, Home Based business owner, a Freelance Entrepreneur, a Savvy Corporate or an Author and looking to see explosive results in your business, you ned to dominate on Pinterest and in your niche...  

Julie Sylvia Kalungi Author - The Winning Planner

I Can Help You...But Who am I? 

My names are Julie Syl Kalungi and I’ve been teaching marketers and business owners how to grow their income via social media for over 5 years now. Pinterest is my Favorite and Most effective digital platform for Massive Targeted Traffic.  

I've Used Pinterest To help me: - Attract over 56,000 Blog Visitors Per Month in just a few short months, generating Weekly Sales from my various Pinterest Assets!  

- Get Brand exposure, Interviews, and Coaching deals through my Pinterest efforts.  

- Connected with some amazing people through my Pinterest Brand!  

- Authored a Book and become highly recognized and well respected with clients who continue to buy our services.  

- Built habits and relationships that have boosted my websites traffic, helped my sales in a major way.  

Would you like results like these? 

If you’re like many of the Home Business owners and Internet Marketers I deal with every day...some of this might sound familiar... • YOU are spending money on countless courses and seeing no results • YOU worry about missing out on new marketing trends, but all of it sounds so confusing and technical • YOU don’t have enough interested people to talk to about your business or you just get time wasters • YOU don’t know how to promote yourself online properly • YOU don’t know how to present your product or service in a valuable engaging way • YOU don’t know how to attract and build up a list of followers on Social Media that want to spend money with you  

If any of these sound familiar, I know EXACTLY how you feel.  

• I too spent countless money & hours on courses and training to learn how to use Social Media and Blogging properly to grow my business. 18months later from Nov 2013 and over 5k in courses and I started to see Some growth and amazing things started to happen in my business. • My list of customers was growing every blessed week slowly but surely. • My Pinterest knowledge and Following lit up from 200 to over 5k • I started to have people reaching out to me on social media asking to work with or coach with me! • I have more time freedom in my business (I now work about 4 days a week in man hours.) • I started to make a consistent Income From My Blog and My Analytics said the majority of traffic was from Pinterest! Over 3k Daily Blog Visitors!  

I’m super excited because, finally, everything I’ve learned about creating a thriving business via Pinterest is now available in my Simple to Follow Training Inside:  



What's Included In This Roadmap: 8 Modules, 25 Video Lessons, & 8 Power Bonuses OVER $1987 in Value

This is the ultimate Pinterest success roadmap - an easy to follow set of video tutorials (8 Modules) where you watch over my shoulder as I create a Lead Generating, highly engaging Pinterest Profile from scratch.  

Sound good?  

Here’s why the Academy will deliver success for you like no other Pinterest Marketing course out there right now...  

More Traffic & leads Unlike other courses, The Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap will show you how to turn your Pinterest Assets into a targeted traffic magnet that will grow your business Fast.  

More Engagement You will also discover how to Turn that Traffic from Browsers to Buyers by giving them what they want and they in turn are happy to do business with you.  

More Sales via a Full Ultimate Guide. How to set up your Pinterest Assets to attract leads and grow your business. All the details and Techie stuff made simple.  


The Pinterest Growth Academy will give you the confidence to create a solid Pinterest Marketing plan for your business and you will have a top end lead generating Asset.  

The Pinterest Growth Academy is broken down into 9 easy to follow modules - Yes we added an extra one, not counting the Bonuses; (each containing multiple videos). You can be diving in just minutes from now.  

Why Anyone Can Use This To Create Massive Changes In Your Business 

• No matter what your level of skill or knowledge in Internet marketing this course will deliver real results for you. If you Put in the work and do the time.  

• You simply watch over my shoulder as I reveal everything step-by-step to create a wildly Profitable and successful Pinterest Profile.  

• You will never get stuck or confused or wonder what you need to be doing next. 


It Works For Any Business AND Niche 

The course is designed to be effective no matter what business or niche you are in. You will discover the core principles and techniques required to build a highly responsive Pinterest For Business Asset no matter what market you are in.  

You Can Stop Buying Courses And Start Making Money Today  

You Could Go It Alone - Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea 

:) Sure, you could go out there and learn how to set up your Pinterest Marketing Plan by yourself, but why spend days and months searching through Google or YouTube for tips on setting up when you can get all the information you need to succeed in a few hours of videos? All in One Place. :) Remember even if you invest in another course from one of the social media gurus, you will not learn how to turn your Pinterest into a magnet for attracting leads and growing your business.

Here’s the deal... You get access to The Pinterest Growth Academy and all Future Updates PLUS all the amazing bonuses for a Low One off $297. Payment Plan Available

How Internet & Social Media Marketing, Esp. Pinterest (done correctly) helped me tap into my real potential...

I did things backwards. I fired my boss in the corporate world in 2010 without a job replacement. Then I went full time in a Home Business in 2013.  

For 2.5 years I had a pity party of giant proportions. We had lost our home to a house flood and I was wondering why us? So when I started I wasn’t in the best Mindset. 

At the time, I had no idea how to harness the power of the internet, let alone social media or search engines...So, I did quite a bit of the following: 

• Hounding friends and family • Home meetings (lots of them... Many with just me and my family) • Approaching strangers at church, parties. I never attended a party to party anymore, it was a prospecting opportunity. Nowhere was safe, even restaurants • Spamming my Links to everyone on Facebook (I became Billy-no-mates, I lost a few damn fast) Can you relate?...Are you at this stage in your journey?  

I knew I couldn’t keep spinning my wheels in these activities that were not producing the results I wanted. Long story short...I Had to CHANGE ME! SO I DID. 

Julie Sylvia Kalungi Author The Art of Pinterest Profits

Many of my colleagues said I should be charging 10 times that amount considering the Value, Bonuses and Time Saving you get...Plus all the people who have grown their business and income with these secrets. Remember you will be getting over 15 hours of coaching-worth in excess of $2900...Plus the amazing bonuses worth over $!900!

• I know what it’s like starting out and I’ve been where you are now - so I wanted to keep the price within reach of anyone who really wants to see a change in their business.  

• My plan at the moment is to the leave the price at $297 until such time as I get a certain amount of students on board.  

Then I will raise the price to $497.  

• Act now to lock down the lowest price possible ($297) for this offer.

My Personal Guarantee



30 Day Money Back Guarantee I am so Confident that You’ll love this Training that AFTER you go through the Entire Program, Implement the Steps, and you Still don’t feel you got the value you paid for, please send me an email within the 30 days of your purchase and I will gladly Refund you your money, minus processing fees!  

Here’s What To Do Now

  Simple click the Enrol button below. • You will then be taken to a payment page and after you enter your details you will be sent an email with instant access to all the videos, resources...And amazing bonuses. • Do this today ...and Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition • The secrets to setting up Traffic exploding and lead generating Pinterest Assets are known to very few people. You can get a jump on your competition right now and gather momentum on your Offers before the competition knows what happened. • The sooner you start the better. This is Your Moment

Option #1: You can of course do nothing here but if you do nothing – nothing will change. If you’re struggling to get traffic to and leads in your business right now and to get noticed....Things will only get worse. You may struggle to get your product or service the respect it deserves. Setting yourself up on social media the right way to grow your business will still be confusing and your competition can race ahead and take the lion’s share of your market...leaving you struggling to get by and reach your goals. Or worse still - having to go back to your day job.  

Option #2: You could go it alone and set your own Pinterest Marketing up by yourself - but if you’re on this page right HERE &&NOW, I’m guessing that did not work out so far. Setting a Pinterest account is simple...but setting up a Pinterest for Business and Profit Asset to attract leads and grow your business, engagement and profits takes some instruction to get it right. Otherwise you end like other people...with Dead end Pinterest profiles that do nothing, get no leads, engagement or profits.  

Option #3: Here is a real no brainer. You take a tiny 100% risk free decision to try out The Pinterest Growth Academy and just watch the Traffic, Leads and sales come through over the coming Months.  


$697.00 $297.00 If you ORDER now.