How to shine through your setbacks

Josephine Sandra Kalagira on How to Shine through Your Setbacks.

How to Shine through Your Setbacks, by the #ComebackQueen herself Josephine Sandra Kalagira on YourPowerEchoes Podcast

By the time you finish reading this post and listening to the interview, you will feel like; you not only know Josephine Sandra Kalagira as the absolute Come Back Queen she is, you will have a blueprint for how to shine through your setbacks!

Big Ask…? Nope..Very true!

If you are serious about growing through what you are going through. Overcoming those challenges and being inspired to show up with gratitude, with a smile daily, and pushing back at the world that could be pushing hard at you.  You will connect with Josephine Sandra Kalagira on Social Media and follow her today.

Are you ready to learn the keys to using your setbacks as the building blocks to your upgrade today…? Then get ready to meet Josephine.

We interviewed her on the “Your Power Echoes with Julie Syl Kalungi” show and you want to listen to this super inspiring woman!

Josephine is a hard believer in the saying 

Be yourself because everyone else is taken 🙂

And unsurprisingly her favorite quote is an Albert Einstein quote which states:

Challenges and problems are the fuel to success.


Josephine Sandra’s belief is true for each and every one of us. Simply because we are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made, with unique DNA and a divine purpose. That purpose we each have to find out or leave this world without being fulfilled.  This woman found her purpose in her pain


Ha, I am sure you are chomping on the bit to tune into the interview…If you haven’t yet, tune in and listen you’ll learn what Josephine has gone through that made her feel qualified to serve you in a unique way. You will love it.

This is some deep stuff and it is going to change your life if you are open to receiving!


Challenges and problems are the fuel to success. -- Albert Einstein Click to Tweet


An Interview with Josephine Sandra Kalagira – From the brink of Suicide Watch to Shero, Bestselling Author and Coach




Josephine Sandra shared with us some super nuggets on how to use your challenges as stepping stones and build a life that inspires you to wake up and show up daily. Some I felt I should reiterate right here below in case you missed them.

QN: What has been in your opinion; Your Biggest Failure or regret in Life?

I feel my biggest failure or regret in life in my opinion has been sacrificing myself, my pain, my frustration, my challenges, and what has really been happening in my life to please others. I look back now and I’m like what? How did I let this happen? Never again and this is why I am on the mission to help and support many more courageous, visionary, and ambitious individuals to learn how to take ownership of their lives. 


QN: What has been your biggest Epiphany or AHA Moment in your entrepreneurial journey thus far?

The biggest aha moment has been the actual realisation of so many opportunities, room for growth, development, and support that I never thought was possible. This has enabled me to get visible, seen, and stand up for myself and those I am called to help and support authentically.


Qn. What one Tool can’t you do without? Your Go-to online tool or resource?

My phone. This is where everything is happening and all updates are received here. So, your phone is an incredible tool for business.

Qn. What would you do if you had to start over from Zero? And you had only $200 what would you do with it?

I would invest in a coach to show me the way. Trust me this is one of the most efficient ways to achieve your goals without fluffing.


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Thrive and Shine Through Your Setbacks

The resources Josephine Sandra mentioned in the Interview are:

Her Facebook group

Her Book “The Revolutionary Breakthrough: How To Turn Your Setback Into A Purposeful ComebackGRAB IT!
Her new publication; another Book is coming out on December 22nd on Amazon, watch that space.

Her website is 
Find and connect with Josephine Sandra on Facebook
Follow her on the Gram right here

Connect with Josephine and you will find the integral leader we have come to know and love! A Giver. Bestselling Author and #comebackqueen titles are hers, they can be your too if you hang around the right people!

As she says; success is being happy with who and where you are at today. It’s an inside feeling that brings joy just for being you.


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  2. Hi Kalguni,

    It was a very inspiring article! I gained a lot of insights into Josephine’s life, and she motivated me a lot. I love how you sed all of these questions and allowed her to share her journeys with the world. It was very inspiring to read, and very eye-opening as well. I am really looking forward to checking out her book. I think I will learn a lot from it as well. Thanks for getting her here, it was a great resource!

    1. Josephine indeed inspires one to count their blessings and be thankful daily while walking towards their destiny. We are so glad you are inspired too and youh are most welcome John. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season.

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