How to sell anything with this unusual method

How to Sell Your Website Design Products Or Anything by Using This Unusual Method.

You Want To Sell More Products, Right? Use this Effective Strategy to Help Convert and Sell More. 

When it comes to selling your products be it website design or physical products, do you ever feel like a bull in a China shop? That’s okay, we felt the same way for months and it is not your fault. You can change that though, starting today. But if you walk away from this article without implementing you will be culpable!  Today I want to share with you How to sell anything with this unusual method


Before I share the unusual method with you, let me tell you something about my team and I. We attract our customers 99% on social media. We don’t:

  • send strangers DMs with the link to our products,
  • do three-way calls,
  • send sample products,
  • do home parties or hotel meetings etc. And by the way all these work… They are just not as leveraged as what we do. 

Why I’m telling you this?

Because you can do everything I am about to share with you on social media where it’s also about creating curiosity and attraction marketing, in your brand new or home-based business. More so if you sell intangible services like Website Design.

In this episode and training, I’m sharing the one unusual method business and marketing leaders use and why you should use it too.

(PS: Those of you building a home-based business team, this is going to help you out a lot.) Ready? 


Here is How to Sell Anything – Product/Service


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Each human has 4-5 top things on their mind 90% of the time.

These things rarely change. Linking your message and offers to what people already value will get you lore sales.

Most marketers and new business owners focus on trying to get people to value what they are selling today.
Even if you are going for an interview, find out the company’s VALUES and weave your answers around those buzzwords. MEAN IT.

I see many Marketers selling health & wellness supplements.
If you are targeting moms with your health supplements, you want to link your supplements to a better mom life.


With these supplements, I have been taking, I was able to keep up with my 3-year-old, busy nursing career and the local cricket team I am part of. You too will have more energy to keep up with your busy mom life; work, children, community, and be able to enjoy more experiences as a mom.

See how the supplements fit in the mom life basket?


If you sell travel products, understand that lots of people don’t go on holiday because they’re not on their value list… (Trust me people prioritise what they value, even at the expense of debt)

So, how about you focus on: helping families to take time out and relax and create memories together in a new environment, see new destinations, and places they wish to see in this life, within their budget.

Immediately, your audience will start to imagine their budget linked to a new destination, great memories, the feel-good factor…whatever that budget is.

If you are a network marketer and your thing isn’t linked to people’s values, they will always have an excuse as to why they cannot make a decision to join or buy.


Now as a website designer, your product can seem a dry, fatuous one, yet I guarantee you it can be as juicy as a holiday. Here is how I put it:

We help business owners and smart corporates save time and money by sharing your story, expertise and life experiences in a way that attracts your target audience without spending hours online or in Facebook groups.  

You will notice I haven’t once mentioned the word websites. WHY? because most people assume they know what you are about when you put it so bluntly. It’s the same as saying you are an accountant or a nurse? People dismiss your journey almost instantly thinking Ahh I know what you do. Unless they need a nurse or accountant urgently and you just appeared as a God send! 

Instead, try to share the benefit or result people get or the pain/challenges you help them avoid or get rid of when they use your products or services. 

With social media, you can offer value by teaching people something new, sharing the benefits of your offers, and connecting to their values, make sure to add a strong Call To Action — If you do these things in this information era, people will share your message and products if they get them to their values super-fast 👌🏿

As fast as forwarding a WhatsApp message to various groups.

You want people talking about you and your business on their smartphone, trust me.

But you want the conversation to be about how amazing, caring and super effective you/your products or services are.

So much so, that you are in a whole league of your own in price, value, attention to detail, or even creativity. Stand out…So much so, your customers will sell your products for you. It’s called WoM = Word of Mouth.

So, think 🤔

What makes me, my product stand out?

Then, spend at least half your marketing budget on making that “what“, super. 👌🏿 So much so, people talk about it/you far and wide = free marketing. You do have a marketing budget, right? #nuffsaid


Do you know why so many people know my brand/business?

Because I adopted the strategy that got Google to be one of the most valuable companies today. 🔥

Why Google? Well, Google gives away so much value for free: browsers, emails, maps, forms, business tools, surveys, so much free real estate…it blew all other search engines out the water.

I too give away so much value for free, people choose to buy from me in numbers.


For years, I’ve been sharing what I know via free podcasts way before they became sexy. I give away eBooks, videos on YouTube, I interview people and promote them on my blog for free. I create graphics for non-profits for free. I build relational capital… because people do business and buy from people/brands they Know, Like, and Trust.

Burn that in your brain and go do this in your business with EMOTION. 



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