How to Get More People to Buy Your Products

How to Get More People to Buy Your Products

How to Get More People to Buy Your Products This Season and Beyond – Christmas Special

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Can we just say that some numbers are more significant than others e.g. the number of total calls or appointments you make for your business is crucially important?

The number of sales you make per day, week, or month may determine your cash flow. The quantity of product inventory left over per month. Rest assured there are some other key numbers that require your special attention if you want to create profits and be in demand in your business.

This is a follow-on from our episode last week regarding How to get In-Demand which you can jump on here.

It is also complementary to our article way back on Business is a Numbers Game right here.


In the above episode, we talked about “The Critical Mass Concept”. This is something you may or may not know, to put it simply: it’s a number’s game.

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If you can get people warm to your idea, or concept, you will attract enough leads, who turn into customers and product ambassadors.

You can generate a part-time or full-time income with your Online or Offline business with this strategy because indeed; Sales too is a numbers game!

The question then is, why aren’t you making more money?

Simple, because you are missing some important pieces in the number’s jigsaw. Your Numbers don’t add up…because you are trying to fit in the mass market. Another lesson I have reinforced in my mind from “Oversubscribed” by Daniel Priestley. Yet….

Even the smallest business can learn from the; creating your own demand before you supply lesson.

For Example: in 2014 Apple announced its new product coming — A smartwatch. Samsung rushed and produced its smartwatch and rushed it to market thinking it had beaten apple as the first to market.

Apple realising its mistake, changed its tactics and approached several designer brands making its smartwatch an exclusive, invitation-only, highly sought-after product for months!

It finally launched its smartwatch in September 2015 to the public to queues of buyers desperate to own on. Backed by the designer brand Hermes.

Apple went on to sell over 40 million smartwatches ⌚️ while Samsung struggled with just 800,000 sales and lots of returns.

What’s the lesson here?


Lesson: when selling to the market, address people who you have sufficiently warmed up to doing business with you. Take the time to build relational capital with your audience, educate, entertain and empower them people. Observe their responses, engage them, and test their temp. Then ask them to signal their interest to you as Apple 🍎 did with their smartwatch ⌚️Hold off trying to sell until you’re sure that there’s sufficient interest in return.


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How to Get More People to Buy – Too Many Maybes!

This is a killer. When we were noobies, the NO’s would literally kill our momentum. We would focus so much on the NO; that we would forget to move forward to the next person. No literally froze our progress and momentum! 

Mind you, we thought a maybe was great! We believed it gave us hope! Yet, here’s the thing: a Maybe is a killer.

You want only 2 answers, A Yes which is awesome, or a No, which disappoints. BUT at least it’s a decision. Plus, many a “No” turned into a “Yes” later for us…! 

On the other hand, Maybes sit in your “List” or sales forecast, they are the subscribers who never take any action even on free stuff, after their initial subscription. They sit on their dream and future until…!

And in your case, you think that all you can do is ―wait for something to happen. If you do this, you have lost all power to these people, they hold you at ransom. So as we said all those years back…


TAKE THAT POWER BACK warm your prospects with powerful content, ask what they struggle with, collaborate with some power Influencers to create & collab on events, and invite pre-registration. Then limit the attendance and invite bookings. In other words, get people to WANT what you offer as opposed to taking their time and booking/buying it whenever. Create Exclusivity and become In-demand. This lesson alone will quadruple your sales faster than any mass generic live video can ever do. 


Ultimate Social Media Success Bundle-1

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