How to Get Business Referrals

7 Steps to Getting Brand Referrals in your Business

Here are our Proven 7 Steps to Getting Business Referrals, for your Brand, Ministry or Charity

While the whole world is super-fast becoming digitized and dematerialized, we must accept that we as humans are social beings, we are physical and when it comes to business, ministry, and charity, we actually need other human beings. If you run a business, Ministry, or charity, you aren’t looking for robots to buy your products, or services or join your platform, are you? In that case, the best way to get more humans to your mission, outside of targeted advertising is by WOM = Word of mouth. Also known as getting Referrals.  


A while back we did share an Episode on “How to get Referrals in your Network Marketing and/or Home Based Business. You can dive deep into that article right here… For the rest, follow me below…

In today’s episode, let us unpack the getting of brand referrals for your business, ministry, or charity. Referrals can be got both offline and online. The common denominator is that someone who knows you, your business, product, or service is telling others about it in a complimentary way. And encouraging them to enjoy the same, ambiance, service, friendliness, and support, too. This can be and is always good for business.  

They are inviting others to come into your ecosystem to partake of your products/services or platform. And that, my friend, is the best thing ever.

“Recently hubby and I visited the motherland and went to an amazingly cool, home away from home spot to meet up with friends who have become family. We visited the FarmRoots by Miner Farms, on Bukasa Close, Muyenga Tank Hill, Kampala Uganda.

In our local lingo, one could call this spot “Akafunda.” They would be oh so wrong! FarmRoots by Miner Farms is an exclusive venue, set in a home setting that is also an Airbnb, a restaurant serving African Luwombo, the most finger-licking fish dishes from Tilapia to Nile perch, with super smooth spicy, African teas and other soft and not so soft drinks in a very much laid back and welcoming setting.

Mind you their seats are super unique, made out of oil barrels turned into seats and tables. Truly creative and Insta moments right there.” If you ever visit Kampala for more than 2 days, DO head on to FarmRoots by Miner Farms for an evening. You will be glad you did. You can follow them and find out more about what they offer on their Facebook Page

FarmRoots by Miner Farms - Getting Business Referrals
FarmRoots by Miner Farms

So, what did I just do? I have made a referral for this amazing African restaurant and Fun spot. More so I have made it to a global audience.

This is what it means by getting brand referrals using the internet. And I am going to go ahead and share with you how you too, can get brand referrals in your business.  Feel free to pick what works for you and your brand and leave the rest.



7-Step Process to Betting Business Referrals for more Clients/Customers

#1.  Create a referral program – This doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply develop a referral program for your business with rewards that encourage customers, family, friends to share your brand with their friends, colleagues, and family. It can be in person, where the referrer gets a drink or a percentage off their own meal if they bring or refer someone. The New customer must let management know who referred them if they do not come together.

The online space it’s as simple as creating an affiliate platform using available plugins and affiliate tools where the referee and referrer are connected by a cookie. Again, this doesn’t have to be hard. Hire a professional Website Designer to do it for you.

Provide incentives to your customers for referring your brand to their network or family, friends, colleagues. This could include discounts, coupons, or freebies. Get creative and you will reap the rewards.


#2. Leverage existing relationships – If you have been in business for a bit, reach out to existing customers and partners and ask them to refer your brand to their contacts. You might say, look, Julie, I do not know my customers…!


Here’s the thing my friend…

In this day and age? It doesn’t take rocket science to be more personable in your business. Make it your business to connect with the people that walk into your offline business premises. Ask about their needs, suggest products, or more ways they can use the product they are taking. Online it is even easier, you send people a welcoming THANK YOU message as a follow-up, and do the same as you do offline. Share more about the product service or platform, and how much more it can be of use to them. 

Suggest your referral program to them…It is funny how many people respond positively to kindness, guidance, and a simple smile and question; “How can I help you today?

#3. Use social media to get more brand referrals

While a lot of people think referral can only be done in person. The world has gone digital and most of us have at least 500 friends on social media. So go ahead and share your message, mission, business, and ministry to your social platforms and ASK your audience to share on your behalf. If they are genuine friends or are moved by your cause, they will.

So, do use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your referral program, promote your message, business, ministry, charity and Lifestyle.

You see, lifestyle sells, because it tells a story, and Stories Sell. Period. So don’t be all about the sale you forget to be human. Don’t let your social media profiles become Commercial Billboards. That gets old.

People go to social media to socialise, to release stress aka “cutting pressure” as they say in my hood. They are looking to be inspired, so be non-challant about your promotion. Use video as it’s a less invasive way to showcase your brand. Share client testimonials, customer reviews, talk about your challenges, give people a behind-the-scenes view, and above all Give people what they want…Meaning you know what it is, right?

#4. Ask for referrals at the end of the sales process – Make sure to ask for referrals at the end of the sales process or your beneficiaries’ experience with you. This is a great way to get customers to spread the word about your business. It’s always important to have Emotional Intelligence and to read the space.

If the customer or service user seems uncomfortable, sad or angry at the end, simply ask if there is anything else you can do to help and let them be.

If you got their emails, you could follow up and just mention that they seemed sad/unhappy at the end of the process, and ask if you could have done better. Trust me they will remember that you cared.

And one lesson I have learned over the years is:

“People do not care, until they know that you care.”

#5. Follow up with referrals – As they say;

“The Fortune is in the Follow-up.”

So many people stop at the subscription step or the 1 sale and that’s it. Yet every customer has what is called Life Time Value = LTV. This LTV simply means they can buy and refer as many times as they can from you and to your business, based on their circumstances, AND how much in their view/mind you stay.

That’s why it can be true that: “Out of sight, out of mind” especially when it comes to branding and business.

So, make sure to follow up with any referrals you receive. It can be via a phone call, a flyer dropped off at their address, an email, or a social media blast, better still if you created a social media community they are invited to and where they can be tagged, etc…

This will show potential customers that you value their business and give them a great impression of your brand.

#6. Track, monitor and adjust Keeping a finger on customer feedback allows you to make necessary changes to your process or even adjust your referral program accordingly. Keep refining your strategy so that you can maximize the number of business referrals you receive. If you do not track, you cannot know what to scale up on and what isn’t working and bin it! So always be tracking. 


#7. Rinse and Repeat the above steps until you have a system that works and delivers results to your brand like gangbusters.

Now, obviously, all that getting referrals for your business is good, but how do you keep them and even build on that growing fan base? Let’s talk about…


How to Treat your Business Referrals

Treating your business referrals with respect and appreciation is essential for maintaining long-term relationships and growing your brand/business.

For instance, showing your gratitude for referrals is a great way to build trust with your clients and partners. Here are some of our favorite ways and tips for you to give proper recognition for referrals:

  1. Send a thank-you note or email to the referring individual and a welcome note to the new referred customer, client, subscriber, or member. Show appreciation by offering rewards and recognition to the referring individual. How? 
  2. Offer a referral incentive, such as a discount or free product to the referrer.
  3. Give public recognition and appreciation for referrals, such as mentioning them in your social media posts, videos, podcasts, etc.
  4. Make sure to follow up with the referral and provide excellent customer service.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your referral partners and new referrals are treated with the respect and appreciation they deserve.


Final words on Getting Business Referrals

The key to getting referrals for your business is to build relationships with your customers. Show them that you care about their experience, and they will be more likely to refer your business to their friends and family.

Developing strong relationships with your clients will also give them the confidence to refer you because they know that you will deliver quality service.

Don’t forget to ask for referrals directly too – don’t be afraid to give your customers the opportunity to refer you.

And finally, make sure to thank your customers for any referrals they provide to you. A simple thank you can go a long way in showing your appreciation and cultivating those relationships.

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