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Dull Boring Websites Are Largely Preventable. So Why Are They On The Rise?

How to Get Revenge on Low Website Traffic – Get Pinterest Traffic in 90 Days or Less.


So, did you know that your finger is the most sought-after part of your body in the world today? I am not talking about anything you might be thinking about right now! Rather, I am talking about you, scrolling through the digital multiverse, swiping up-down, left-right, and in all this as a business owner you are wondering how to get more website visitors, leads, and sales, right? Well in this episode I will show you how to Get Pinterest Traffic in 3 months flat, without running ads or stealing some Google juice. 

So, are you coming… 👇😃


When I say your finger is a super hot commodity right now, it is all about the follow or the click. Let’s Unpack this

And as a business owner, you must know that you’re in the digital media business…Unless you don’t have any social media presence, a website, or use any online tools for your business. Yours is purely analog, on-the-street type ish! 

If you have any digital assets, then let us go down this road… You are looking for the follow first and foremost. Because you want to build a community of raving fans. 

And you definitely want them to click, preferably with a credit/debit card in the other hand, yes yes?  So I say you need both. And today I will share with you a still much-ignored route to attract traffic, followers, and more so the click with the P word…

I am talking about Pinterest, huh, get out of that gutter! 

The Art Of Pinterest Profits


How We Got over 30000 web visitors from Pinterest Traffic to our website in 90 days

Wee backstory, see, I don’t say much about a Lil side interest that I have been gigging for almost 7 years. Yet those who know Paul and I know that we are cray about travel. We love seeing new shores, tasting new cuisine, experiencing new cultures, and above all a grand white beach! 

So much so, that we created a travel and lifestyle hub back in 2015. When we first launched this website, we had no clue how to attract our travel tribe, until we discovered the power of Pinterest 3 months after launch. 


Scroll forward and…

In 2019 covid hit, and I was one of the first people in my community to get the vid19, scary stuff, I wrote all about it. Anyhoo, I used to publish a weekly article on this website up until the vid19 saga. Then I took a 2+ yrs hiatus…

Still, that Lil gig serves its purpose and delivers sales of whatever products I peppered into the content every blessed week! 💖 HOW? Two words. 

Pinterest Traffic

Now, I am not boasting about that wee gig. Well, maybe a wee bit 

What I am trying to impress upon you is that, if you have a website, eCommerce site, a YouTube channel, Ministry, etc. and you need traffic to it, then Do consider Pinterest as the source. 


So you might be saying WHY Pinterest?


Well, imagine that despite not coining a single blog post for 2+ years to date, nor posted any real value to the related Pinterest account for the same window of time…Pinterest sends over 30,000 visitors to this website of ours, from over 1 million views per month… and we don’t even have 5000 followers to that account!

The images below are a screenshot of Monday’s stats.

Pkjulesworld pinterest STats Get Pinterest Traffic in 90 daysPKJules Pinterest Reach


WHY 1 million views with only 4200 followers?

  • Because it is Optimised.
  • Because the content I shared is InteresTING to the audience we targeted.
  • Because that content is still relevant.

You too, if your content is valuable and relevant to your target audience, it will always be seen, shared, and saved on Pinterest. It doesn’t disappear down the black hole that almost all other social platforms shove your content into! smiley yell


So you must be chomping on the bit, how you too can get Pinterest traffic to your online offers and website, right? Well


Welcome to Pinterest Traffic to your Website Fast

First let’s get it clear, Pinterest isn’t truly a social platform. It is more of a Hybrid Social Seach Engine and likes to think of itself as Google’s competition.  So many people have been taken in by the hype of Instagram.

So much so, that even funders for voluntary organisations demand that their fundees have an active IG presence. When in all honesty, IG feed reach tanked way back in 2019, especially for small and new accounts.

Trust me even influencers don’t get millions of views to their “Bio Links” from IG. In fact, I wrote an article comparing the two platforms IG and Pinterest 👇👇 

Okay, let’s get to the juicy bit, first, understand that this article has been fully updated and every stage and process works. We have been testing it on another website. So don’t let the rind date put you off, it’s the juice in the orange that matters.

As you know, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. And without further ado (ahh I have gone and used the phrase…

Here is how we did it and you too can Get Targeted Pinterest Traffic to your website in 90 days or less. 


Welcome back… and if you’re still here, you could be wondering: Why am I talking about this again, today?

Well, simple,

  1. Almost all social media platforms are now about the dollar, the ad. They dumped the “social” Out of social media and just want your green ones. 🤑 smiley money mouth
  2. Just to remind you that if you have a message you are truly passionate about and share it often on a specific platform, esp. your own branded platform aka website. Then you should be sharing that content on Pinterest.

Unlike most social media platforms, Pinterest doesn’t block your content with links – It actively encourages you to share your LINKS, content, and offers.  In fact, every single post/pin you add to your Pinterest boards needs to have a link unless you are there for the fun. That link can be to your eCommerce Store, Offers, Blog post, Livestream, YouTube Video, Tik Tok, IG account, etc.  

Ours always point to our website content, podcasts, videos, #smartmarketing smiley wink

Pinterest is the unsung hero of savvy website owners on the interwebs.

And it is where you want to drive targeted traffic from, to your other digital assets. Leverage your optimised Pinterest account and you will thank me in less than 90 days.

If all the above sounds like a hustle – hard game, Outsource to K-Web Social and let us do the heavy lifting

Pinterest Growth Academy (1)


P.S. Are you using Pinterest for your message/offers at all? If not, Why?


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6 thoughts on “Dull Boring Websites Are Largely Preventable. So Why Are They On The Rise?”

  1. Lovely!
    The moment any internetpreneur understands that Pinterest is a buyers’ search engine with buyers ready to spend, then there’s no sky to limit any business in how far they can go.
    Here from Esme salon.

    H Emma

    1. Hello Hazlo,

      I couldn’t have put it better myself. Many humans have bought in to the “Hard work” and “Hustle” mentality. So they are always begging for crumbs off social media platforms that are hard focused on commercializing social!

      The sky is only the view with Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in from Esme Salon.

      Julie Syl

    1. Hey Dr Ho,

      Its so good to hear from you and I am glad you got value from our “Dull Boring Websites Are Largely preventable, So WHy are they on the rise?

      Take care


    1. Always on the ball my dear Ryan, yes we aim to support those who have the drive to find the traffic hey desire, there is still some to be had organically. So good to see you here bro

      Julie syl

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