Creating a New Fitness Brand that Sells long term

11 Steps to Creating a New Fitness Brand That Sells

Our 11 battle-tested Steps to Creating a New Fitness Brand that Sells or any Brand for that Matter.

A potential client came to me and asked how she could go about creating a new fitness brand from scratch. She stated that she is gaga about exercise, athletics, food and all thing wellness.

I asked her if all that gaga-ness is not just a hobby that she could keep on with?  HOW did she know it could turn into a business? WHY did she want to start a new brand in the face of all the fitness brands and all sorts popping up on the multiverse?

Her answer was simple: Well, that’s why I have come to Kalungi Group! Isn’t this what you do? Help me set up my brand.

Long story short, we got to work and that conversation was the inspiration for this article on how you can set up ANY brand, but we shall focus on fitness. But…



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Alright, let’s get to the table where we serve up the 11 battle-tested Steps to Creating a new fitness brand.

First, humour me and we get into the spiritual stuff! As you can imagine, your Soul conceives an idea, in this case, you want to help people get back to their place of body-loving and enjoying their well-being which, to be honest, is our wealth. So now, your Mind Creates a goal, a mission, a plan to get that fitness brand out of the head into BEing so that Your Body can Experience that which your soul desires. Are you still with me?

This process of Soul, Mind, and Body work IS an exciting and rewarding endeavour. But as we humans know, it can also be a challenging one. And that’s why we like to simplify some of it for you. So, here are



The 11 steps to help you create a new fitness brand or any other brand you wish


#1. Define your target audience:

You desire to help people, I get that. Yet in order to attract the people, you have to be specific WHO that “People” is in singular so that you can attract them in numbers that make sense to you and your brand. So, yes, you’ve got to start as you intend to go. Start by defining the target audience for your new fitness brand.

  • Is it for new mamas shedding baby fat?
  • Corporates especially beginners wanting a bit of fitness?
  • Are you going all out to train athletes?
  • Maybe you want to help baby boomers rebuild their muscles to avoid falling over and live longer
  • Are you targeting a specific group?
  • What is your target audience’s income range?
  • What do they like to do in their spare time?
  • How do they relax, which leisure facilities do they prefer?
  • Which Digital Platforms and Offline places do they like to frequent?

All this information will help your MIND to create and position a brand that will speak to your target audience so well, that they will “Self-Select” for you. And before you know it, you will be “Oversubscribed.” A phrase every brand craves.

Now you see how this is a very important first step, right? So, if you didn’t do it for your business/brand/charity/ministry when you first started, now is a good place to do it. And rebrand baby. K-web Social can help you in this space.

Okay, we are getting warm, aren’t we?  So, don’t stop there, let’s go…



#2. Conduct your market research:

Oh yes, this is fun (for us at least). Go 007 on your market competition — yes am talking Spying on them. Become a mystery shopper and make note of everything that you observe them doing right. And what they may be missing the mark on. 

By the way, you could hire a professional to do all this soul work for you, especially if your research is digital. You may have no idea how to check out the market in the digital space.

Conducting market research can also be in terms of checking out the competition’s products, websites, tools, and testing their efficacy. The aim is not to undermine them after all Abundance Abounds, right?   Your aim is to determine the needs and preferences of your target audience, and zone in even more on the type of person you wish to serve! It is surprising how many businesses don’t do this!

Hmm, people start a business for all kinds of reasons. Some purely because “so-n-so started it so I can too…” And they just jump right in. Six months later they start to regret why they started and they don’t know why!

Well, buddy, #1 and #2 are a must if you are to build that longevity muscle in your baby brand.

So armed with your target, and some intel on what’s working for them, it is time to…



#3. Develop a unique selling proposition (USP)

Now that you know what’s available in the market or missing. You can now Identify your new brand’s unique selling proposition. What makes you different from all the other fitness brands out there? That je ne sais qoi unique point/s that will make your target customers go, Huh, this is what I have been praying, fasting and tithing for aka Answered prayers?

Simply put,

“What will make your fitness brand different from other fitness brands?”

Zone into that uniqueness baby and find your sweet spot. You will be standing heads and shoulders above some of the existing fitness brands. Especially those that simply put up shop and hoped for the best. Their customers will be banging on your door and becoming your brand ambassadors sooner than you can say “Gimme 20 squats.” 😉

Yes am talking about Word of Mouth.


All that spiritual and mind work is thirsty work. So, it’s time to pour yourself a cuppa and we get to the brass tacks, they are fun, no horse poop, I promise.



#4. Choose a brand name:

I know you just wanna call your fitness brand your name or that sexy ex-whatamacallit! But, choosing a name is an important business. It can make or break your new brand before it even crawls.

So, how about you brainstorm some names? Write a list and then go to Google and see if anyone else exists out there with that name. You don’t want to be slapped challenged with a trademark suit, right?

Once you have gone up to Google page 30… Am joking.

Making it simple is our middle name. So simply go to Who Is and type in your potential fitness brand name. See what shows up. If nothing does so, thank your lucky stars. But don’t stop there. Go on to the different social media platforms and type in that name again. Check for instance for Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Pages, Groups etc. that show up. Double-check that they are not a serious contender and that you can take that name and make it yours.


Then go on to Domain providers like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc. and try to find if your brand name is already owned as a domain by someone. If all comes back clear. One final thing before you dash off to buy that name…

What you are getting here is also the beginning of your Online Brand Reputation Management, go check that resource out, and bookmark it for future reference. See, two birds one stone. #Sweet!


Anyhow, is your potential new brand name memorable, easy to spell, and reflective of your USP?

Now you are good to go, to grab that domain in all its variables. .com,, .net, .info etc etc.

And the next step is where most people start to get sloppy… But you aren’t one of them. You’re serious, focused and put aside a budget. So, you seek professional help in…


#5. Designing a Logo:

Yes, you might have done fine art in high school but, come on you want a logo that will stand out and showcase your uniqueness. So don’t be stingy Joe. Get a Graphics designer to create for your new fitness brand a logo that represents your vision and that is recognizable.

This graphic will adorn all your brand info, emails, promotional materials, official documents, banners, merchandise, and more so your new digital front door aka a Website so get it done… Now armed with your Logo its time to…



#6. Develop a website:

Another step that many either DIY and ruin from the get-go or find a cheap so-n-so to create a wishy-washy website for them. One that doesn’t even start to deliver on your mission and goals to help people get fitter.

So, get out of your head, put together a budget of at least £1500 and get a website designed by a professional who knows about SEO. This is important, why?

Because we have seen so many websites that are simply online debris! They may even be aesthetically pleasing, but they do not truly represent the brand.

Worse still 99% of websites do not attract the intended target audience because they are not Search Engine Optimised. Some could even be in digital jail aka received a Google ding! And that’s a crying shame.

So, make sure you are ready to Market your website as part of your new fitness brand growth plan, kapische.


Ensure that your developer, even if that’s you, designs a website that is user-friendly, is mobile optimised, loads super-fast, and provides information about your brand, including its mission, services, and products.

Now that you have gotten this far, I hope you created the next step. Yes, when you confirmed your brand name was available and you could use that name! It’s time to…



#7. Establish Your Brand Social Media Presence:

Wait, unless you are a social media maven, I highly recommend you go back to your market research. Or hire someone. Yes, I know that money isn’t yet flowing your way, but, you will thank me for this due diligence.

So, confirm which 2 platforms your target audience hangs out the most from your market research. And focus on building your presence on those 2 platforms first.

Establish a presence that allows your new fitness brand to be Seen, Found and Heard without the noise of social media…Oops I just told you what we do! smiley kiss

Now the above might not be possible without help these days, or an Ads budget! But it is doable with a passionate mind and time set aside just for this task. It will pay off in time!

Can I just suggest that it could pay off much quicker for you if Pinterest is one of the 2 social media platforms you choose first? But then I am biased 😊


Once you have mastered the 2 platforms you choose, you can go ahead and establish a social media presence across various platforms to promote your brand and engage with your target audience. Don’t forget why you established a presence! To share your brand message, showcase what you do and WHY you do it.

While inviting your audience to have a taste and experience the “HOW” via your…



#8. Content – Craft and Share Content:

Create valuable content, content that Empowers/Inspires, Entertains and Educates. The 3Es will be your best-kept secret to social media success. Your content could include videos, podcasts, blog posts, testimonials, and Images, to attract, inform, and retain customers. And with every piece of content, you must either have a Call To Action – CTA or it is so clear is speaks for itself.

People like to be slapped in the face, told clearly what the next step is or where they need to go to learn more. Don’t do all the work and let them go to Google! You have earned that click. 


Now, don’t be hung up on thoughts like; OMG I don’t know how to create content…!

Heck with Content Developers like K-Web Social and dare I say AI like ChatGPT, you cannot go wrong. By the way, check out our article on AI SEO for Beginners Explained it’s a rocking eye-opener!


Obviously, you went on this whole quest and journey to serve humanity, so…



#9. Offer services and products:

Offer your services and products with 100% confidence that they are what your target customer/client needs and prefers. I am 100% Serious. Yes, doubt may be lurking in your mind every Monday and Friday… But be vigilant in replacing those thoughts with more positive and serving thoughts. For instance, if you think, OMGee who will want to come to my fitness programs? I am too new, I don’t know enough people

STOP. Instead, replace such thoughts with:

“People are excited about my fitness platform, they are falling over themselves to buy, KI am the Best TaiChi Coach there is, etc.”

Do you get the picture? Say such affirming and uplifting thoughts out loud like you mean and believe them. Speak to yourself in the mirror every morning with such joy. The universe will have no choice but to deliver your wish. (Like a genie in a bottle, I promise). Any doubts and I mean ANY and that puts a kibosh on the flow of customers towards your baby brand and that is not cool. Trust me I have experienced this. 

So, offer a service that aligns with your original soul-led vision, your brand’s mission and your target audience’s needs with confidence. Remember you are here to create your best, highest version and this new fitness brand is part of this creation. One of the best advice I can offer you at this point is:

“If you want to struggle, go alone, but if you prefer to succeed, go with others.”

It is akin to what Zig Ziglar said which goes something like this:

“In order to help oneself and succeed, focus on first helping and serving as many people as possible.”

So, how about you offer some free sessions to people closest and dearest to you? Invite them to use your fitness studio/services and partake of everything on the menu if they can. And then Give you Honest feedback.

Yay, you have your first reviews and testimonials. Shout them from the rooftops if they are good. Or make some changes to your offer or space if they aren’t so good.

Remember though, that you are the fitness expert. And unless the feedback is directed at how you show up in that space or comes from another expert, take it with a pinch of salt! I cannot tell you how many people have taken constructive criticism from someone who has never built anything in their lives! 

After all, your aim is to serve many PAYING clients and you are here to learn some lessons too. So, remember to go with others…



#10. Network and Collaborate:

Yes, reach out to complimentary services, Massage Specialists, Beauty products, Supplements and Nutrition products providers! Heck, you could even invite another fitness practitioner with a complementary skill. Your aim is to make your fitness space the New Go-To, right?

Then, build partnerships with others. They could even be influencers, other gyms that could send their overflow to you, and other fitness-related businesses to expand your reach.

And as you start to see the needle move on your business, do not forget to…



#11. Track and Measure success:

Track your progress, track your customer feedback and needs, and keep on top of your customer care. And Don’t ever Forget to Have Fun while doing what you do, so that you stay inspired to keep doing it.

Measure the success of your brand through metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and most importantly sales.


And there we have it. You just got all this without paying a penny…This is what any “Business Set Up Guru” will tell you using many fancy-schmancy words.

But you got the sauce here for nada! And by following these 11 power steps, you can create a new fitness brand that resonates with your target audience and helps them achieve their fitness goals, while also serving your needs as a functioning human!  

And now here is our Bonus for you since you are still here, below are my…



5 Steps to Design Powerful Brand Colours

I see so many brands with all-over-the-place colours, one cannot even identify them from the sea of noise online. But you are here so you won’t be that brand, right?

I know that envisioning your powerful brand colours could be a daunting task. But it is an essential part of building a strong brand identity and we are here to help you create a brand that sells. So, below are five steps to help you design powerful brand colours:


#1. Understand your brand: Now that you understand your brand’s personality, values, and message. Think about what emotions you want your brand to evoke, and how you want your target audience to perceive your brand. Close your eyes and I promise your colour will pop right in front of you. Write it down and then think of the colour you have the most in your wardrobe or home… Hmm, we are getting somewhere. Then…


#2. Research colour psychology: You see, colours have different meanings and can evoke different emotions in people. Research colour psychology and choose colours that align with your brand’s personality and message. I would say do this either now or as soon as you are able to hire a professional to help you design brand colours that will lift your business to the next level when done right. 


#3. Choose a colour scheme: Once you’ve done your research, choose a colour scheme that works for your brand. Chances are your logo will bear that same colour. As well as your digital platform and offline space. A monochromatic colour scheme uses different shades of the same colour, while a complementary colour scheme uses colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Google that! 


#4. Test your colours: Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, test it out. See how it looks on different backgrounds and in different lighting. Make sure your colours are easily distinguishable and work well together… And one last thing…


#5. Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to building a strong brand identity. Use your brand colours consistently across all your marketing materials, including your website, social media, and printed materials. You have invested time, energy and resources in this so get it right! 


We are done here. Go win big or small, whatever your original soul-led brand dream was. We hope we have shone some light ahead of you so that you can enjoy the process. And if you need help with getting all this, put together that’s what we are here for, simply holler. You can design a powerful fitness or any brand that will help you build a strong brand identity and connect with your target audience in beautiful and amazing ways.

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2 thoughts on “11 Steps to Creating a New Fitness Brand That Sells”

  1. Some fantastic strategies here! For a fitness brand, they definitely need to have everything sorted – branding, target market etc before hitting the ground! Your tips are on the mark and hope they helped your client! Sim x

    1. Hello Sim,

      Thank you for stopping by and your vote of confidence. Indeed these steps hugely helped our client to get set up and getting oversubscribed.
      The most important ingredient in all this are 1. Self-Belief and confidence in one’s offer 2. Taking Focused Action i.e. Implementing a proven process.

      So many people don’t fully trust their chosen process and wonder why things don’t work out! We too are glad that they are winning!

      Julie Syl

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