Camtasia 2021 Review by Kalun gi Group

Camtasia 2021 Review – What hasn’t changed and What’s NEW?

Camtasia 2021 Review – What hasn’t changed and What’s NEW?

We have been using this feature for yonks, at least 5+ years now.

It has helped us edit our videos/audios for our offers, channels, and programs more professionally. We are talking about a screen recorder and video editing tool called Camtasia 2021 by TechSmith. And this is our Camtasia 2021 review. 

When I opened our emails this morning, I found an interesting update from TechSmith. Apparently, a new version is out as is their norm.

Every year they bring out a new version of Camtasia and you can choose to upgrade or stick with your old one. Anyways, Camtasia 2021 is here.

I decided to watch the TechSmith exploratory video and… wow.


Let’s just say it made me consider upgrading to Camtasia 2021.

Which is massive considering I am usually only interested in editing, cutting, optimizing video size, adding an intro and outro and I am done. No fancy-schmancy stuff.

I’m considering upgrading us to Camtasia 2021 from the 2020 version because it may make sense for us. Although I thought we had got a free license to the 2021 version from my last upgrade. But I cannot for the life of me find the email, so I am gutted because the upgrade is £121+VAT.


This one is up £22 from our last upgrade, and we all know following lockdowns, every pound/dollar saved counts.


So, we are gonna have to think about this one a wee bit. Esp., as we are considering our Video Options Vs Podcasting lately. That said, if you are excited to give Camtasia 2021 a go by all means do so now.


Talking of the podcast, when did you last tune into the Your Power echoes Podcast?  Tut tut…


As for the Kalungi Group crew, we are gonna check out the features and decide which ones we wish to add to our video editing arsenal before we take that decision.


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So what does the official TechSmith video say about this version?


What does the official TechSmith video say about Camtasia 2021 version? Click to Tweet


Camtasia 2021 Review – New Features

  • There is medium matte for your videos and 3D lutes.
  • End curves for that sexy feminine touch.
  • They’ve added motion blur, which I think is pretty useful for your transitions.
  • Lots more transitions for your videos making them more animated and captivating. In fact, they’ve added exactly 75 different changes and effects choices for your videos, like spin zoom, tile drops, square drops, wave tv transmission, etc.
  • They have just gone and added Lumosity and luminosity – what this means is that now we can actually make our graphics and text transparent so that we can see what’s in the background.
  • A new screen recording option
  • Adding Luminosity to your text, that is gonna make it exciting esp. for Intros.
  • You can group content on the edit frame.

What else, or what has stayed the same and works well then?


From our checking of the Camtasia 2021 trial version, we noticed that:

    • Not much has changed in the media library and Annotations are the same.
    • Narration and Animations look pretty much the same to me, but I could be wrong.
    • Cursor effects are the same for sure.

So, I suggest you take a test Drive with the Trial version yourself and make a decision whether you want to upgrade to Camtasia 2021 or stick to your current version. Or even pick up as our new screen recorder and editing tool if this review was of value to you.


If you are considering or are a Social Media Manager or virtual assistant, this tool could be a great investment in your business/brand growth. 

For us, we will play with it a bit more before we make that final decision to Upgrade or…

By the way, the price for Camtasia 2021 remains the same, despite all these additions at £249 and if you use my discount, you may end up paying only £216 for a single license, sweet!

To be honest, the feature we are interested in is: “Performance”. Does the Camtasia release 2021 deliver the juice?


Do share your insights below about this Camtasia 2021 new features if you please.

Go ahead and pass this episode on to someone who may be blessed as well. 👏

Then, let us know if you are going to grab this video editor tool. If you have any questions, share them in a comment below, and make sure you subscribe because we want to do a lot more episodes to help you set up for success. 


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2 thoughts on “Camtasia 2021 Review – What hasn’t changed and What’s NEW?”

  1. Hi Kalguni,

    It was a great share! I heard about Camtasia recently, and I have been thinking about using it since then. I came to know about the update from a friend, and I was wondering what features might have changed. I really appreciate you reviewing this tool, and talking about all the updates. It really gave me better insights into this tool, and will definitely help me make a better decision. Thanks a lot for such a helpful share!

    1. Are you using Camtasia now for your Video and Audio Recording and editing? It’s a great tool John.
      Glad you got some clarity from our Camtasia Review.


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