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2 Words that Will Kill your Success

2 Words that Kill your Success

The 2 Words that Kill your Success and Dreams – And How you can Change that? 


Yes, there are 2 words that kill your success


Allow us to ask you today: when was the last time you truly listened to the words you use to explain why you didn’t take certain actions or decisions or commit to a goal, dream, task?

The answer is rarely, or even Never right?

Here is the deal, it would be really useful if you did Listen from now on. Pay very close attention to your words, for you are the author and only speaker in your mind.

You are in charge.  


Your words have incredible power. As one favorite book, we love says,


The power of creation is in your tongue. 😛


See, your words reinforce your thoughts and deep beliefs… Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. The words you use every day shape your very existence.

In the video below, we demonstrate the power of 2 specific words. These 2 words seem innocent in themselves, yet when used a certain way they become toxic and harmful to your success.

How you use them and many other words can either empower or disable your progress.

You may be surprised what a difference it makes when you start using more empowering words instead of these 2 toxic ones.

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The 2 Words that Kill your Success that you don’t even notice.

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You NEED to watch the above video or Tune into the Audio to see how using the 2 words in your daily life and conversations or self-talk is killing your success. The 2 words have become like an oil sliding off your tongue so smoothly, yet full of venom. 


So much so, no matter how much action you take, how many motivational videos for success you watch, or training/coaching you may tune in to on how to be successful… If you don’t stop using these words in your day-to-day life… then you’ll never get to the next level version of you.


And that would be such a sad thing! 😔

Therefore, if you want to be successful, and end the more month than revenue rut, then this video is for you.


And share your insights below if you please.

Go ahead and pass this episode on to someone who may be blessed as well. 👏


Then, let us know if you are going to be mindful of your words and thoughts. If you have any questions, share them in a comment below, and make sure you subscribe because we want to do a lot more episodes to help you set up for success. 


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You are a Star!

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